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Cooking With Sous Vide

Low temperature and high temperature, these are the 2 types of heat used to cook food. Both types have their own benefit. Though almost every chef utilizes grills, skillets, and ovens with a range of 250 up to 650 F, the Sous Vide way uses a low-temp method. This method cooks food slowly in the water bath. This method helps chefs achieve tenderness, succulent flavors, outstanding texture, and even cooking. You could read more info about Sous Vide at

Expensive Method

Because of the price, Sous Vide method of cooking in the past was focused on huge kitchens and several restaurants. However, the cost you are going to spend will be worth it because of the enhancement of the food’s volume and quality served. Now, you could try this method with only $500 or below. You could buy immersion circulators or temp-controlled water baths that could deliver new cooking style to your house.

However, if you really have a small budget, you could still try this method. Simply purchase several durable Ziploc freezer bags and a good quality digital thermometer. You could then use your own stove and pots. You will need an extreme diligence if you are using this method. Though this will be the most inexpensive way, a lot of chefs don’t suggest this. It is simply not safe. That is why there are a lot of Sous Vide machines that carry modern technologies to provide chefs reliability and convenience when cooking.

The Sous Vide Supreme

This is the most well-known machine for cooking in your house. It can be placed on your counter top. Sous Vide Supreme automatically constantly maintains the temperature of the cooking water for the desired days, hours, and minutes. This also monitors the level of the cooking water.