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Pros Of Having Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Having a comprehensive car insurance policy really makes the difference. Of course, don’t you want a vehicle insurance that covers almost everything?

However, this type of Toronto auto insurance only covers some problems that are very closely defined. For those who do not know, these problems are very expensive.

It Covers the Cost of a Stolen Car

Car theft is one of the biggest crimes in the world. A lot of people report that their car was stolen and most of it is not recovered. It will be very stressful if your own car will be stolen from you. So, you should really get comprehensive car insurance if you are living in an area that is prone to car theft.

Also, the lender would probably require you to have one if you have financed the vehicle.

Keep in mind that this insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a brand-new vehicle. It will only cover the cost of the current value of your stolen car.

It Covers the Repair Cost of the Damages from Animal Accidents

In the event that you are involved in an animal collision, “Collision Coverage” will not cover the costs of the repairs. Fortunately, comprehensive auto insurance does.

It may sound unlikely, but your vehicle could be seriously damaged if you hit a wild animal such as dog, moose, or deer.

It Covers the Cost to Repair the Damages from Weather Events

A hail with a size of a fist could drastically leave cavities over your vehicle. A tornado could lift your car up and throw it few blocks away. Of course, this would leave damages to your car that requires repair. By having comprehensive auto insurance, you will not have to worry anymore. Your car could also be replaced if it is totaled by an event that is related to the weather.