I mainly review Young Adult (YA) books, but will consider Middle Grade (MG) and New Adult (NA) books as well. I prefer ebooks for my Kindle but will also accept physical copies. I don’t read non-fiction. I do accept indie and self-published books.

My preferred genres are contemporary romance, paranormal, and dystopia, but I am open to most other genres too.

All books that meet the above criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you wish for me to review your book, please send me an email at reviewrequest@ratherbereadingya.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Please include the title, author’s name, synopsis, link to the book on Goodreads, date you want my review posted, and any other information you feel I need to know to consider your request.

If your book is a later book in a series, please check with me to see if I have already read the earlier book(s). I haven’t, I would appreciate it if you would send the unread book(s) as well. I like to read series books in order, even if they can be considered stand-alones.

All reviews are my honest opinion. I cannot guarantee a review if I accept your book, but I will do my best. I try to post all reviews at least a week before publication unless you request a specific date. I post reviews on my blog and Goodreads, and will post on Amazon and Barnes & Noble if asked. I also try to promote my review posts on Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Physical copies may be distributed as part of a giveaway when I’m finished reading/reviewing. Unfortunately, space does not permit me to keep every book I read anymore and I feel like introducing it to another reader is a better option than introducing it to a recycling center. Please let me know if you do not want me to include your book in a giveaway.

Ratings System

An explanation of my ratings system is on my sidebar. I have also started using 1/2 stars on occasions when I’m stuck on whether to give a book a higher or lower star. I do not consider 3 out of 5 stars a bad review.

I don’t finish books I don’t like, although I do try to give every book a fair shot. DNF books get one star and are included in a mini-review post at the end of each month (when applicable). I don’t feel like it’s fair to write a full review of a book I didn’t finish.

Book Tours, Giveaways, & Cover Reveals

For book tours, I prefer to post a review rather than another type of promotional post. I will, of course, post other promotional material you wish to include along with my review. Please provide me with a copy of the book with at least three weeks’ notice so that I have time to read and review it.

I am happy to host giveaways, even for books I am not reviewing or touring. Please send me a description and photo of the item to be given away so that I can post it.

At this time I am not accepting requests for cover reveals, however if I have reviewed a book for you before, I may be willing to post your cover reveal.

FTC Disclaimer

All books reviewed on Rather Be Reading YA are ones I have purchased unless otherwise specified in the review. I have received no compensation for writing any of these reviews. All reviews are my honest opinion, even those of books received from the author/publisher.

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