Scaretober & Blog Ahead October 2016

So I basically took the month of September off and, well, most of August too. But I didn’t stop reading! When I realized I wasn’t really into writing reviews at the moment, I decided to get organized and start fresh for October. That didn’t exactly happen as well as I planned, but I do have some reviews in progress and most of them can fit into the types of reading you look for in October. I also have some more {Read More}

Must Read in 2016

Lauren at Bookmark Lit is hosting a very informal challenge called Must Read in 2016. I meant to sign up for this earlier but it got away from me until I was reviewing a book I had wanted to read in the past but didn’t get around to until now. I’ve decided to take my list from my Waiting on Wednesday posts. If I wanted to read them when I wrote the posts, I should read them! The Infinite Moment {Read More}

Contemporary Romance 2016 Reading Challenge

The Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge is hosted by Gone with the Words and Love at First Page. I wasn’t going to sign up for any 2016 year-long challenges because I pretty much forget about them before the end of January, but contemporary romance is 90% of what I read so I should be good on this one. I just need to remember to come back to update this post and link up with the monthly posts. (I already stuck page {Read More}

COYER: Back to Basics

I think I missed the last round of Clean Out Your E-reader, but this time, COYER is going Back to Basics from December 19 to March 4. This includes ebooks (they must be ebooks) that are free or nearly free (up to $5 for ebooks and $16 for audiobooks) from the library, Netgalley, and Edelweiss, as well as Amazon or other online stores. I don’t borrow many ebooks from the library, but I might have to start. If not, I {Read More}

Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon 2015

This year’s Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon runs November 12-17. Last year Blog Ahead was running during the month of November and I used the reviews for that. This year’s Blog Ahead was in October, but I think the reviews will fit better in December than November, so I’m going to save them again. Here’s what I hope to read:    That gives me one short middle grade book, one full-length YA book that’s broken into four short stories, and one short NA {Read More}

Blog Ahead 2015 Wrapup

I can’t believe Blog Ahead is over already! I started October with 2 scheduled posts and I’m ending it with 18 scheduled posts. I also have a few more posts in progress, just waiting on a few details or photos to finish them up. I could have done better, but I got lazy. I also ran out of reviews to write because I didn’t read fast enough near the end of the month. I feel like I would have been {Read More}

Blog Ahead 2015

It’s time for Blog Ahead! I didn’t do so well with the mini-Blog Ahead earlier this year (I fell right into my blogging hiatus) but last year’s Blog Ahead, which took place in November, was very helpful for me. I only wish I had been able to keep it up. That’s okay, though. I’ll just have to try harder this time around. I am starting October with 2 scheduled posts, so I hope to end the month with 33.

Beat the Heat Readathon 2015

The Beat the Heat Readathon runs from August 24 to September 6. There’s no pressure; you set your own goals. Read as much or as little as you want! My plan is to read only ARCs for the August portion of this readathon (to tie in with ARC August) and then in September to get started on books for the September is for Sequels challenge. I might have to finish up some library books, depending on due dates, in there {Read More}

September is for Sequels Signup

September is for Sequels is hosted by Lisa Loves Literature. The goal of September is for Sequels is to read and review a minimum of 4 sequels between the dates of September 1st and 30th, 2015. I am planning to combine this challenge with the Series Enders Challenge that I have (so far) not being doing very well. I’ll also be working on books to review for October/Halloween, plus catching up with some ARCs/finished review copies, so I am going {Read More}

2015 Challenge Update

The middle of August is a strange time to be doing my first update on my 2015 challenges, but I haven’t gotten around to it until now. Let’s see how I’m doing. Series Enders Challenge: I haven’t read any of the books I had planned, but September is for Sequels is coming up and I plan to sign up for that in the next few days, so I’ll probably just try to read them all next month. Debut Author Challenge: {Read More}