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Top 2 Best Pregnancy Pillows You Can Get

When you are a soon-to-be mother, it’s difficult for you to find a pillow that you can use in order to feel most comfortable. This is because you would need more than just support for you head and neck, you would also be needing added support for your hips and tummy area, as these would be tenser than usual. There are a lot of pregnancy belly support pillow choices that you can make in the market nowadays. If you are looking for one, then here are some of the best pregnancy pillows that you can get.

Snoogle Total Body Pillow by Leachco

This snuggle pillow stands out as can be easily folded. It comes with a poly fiber filling and a medium plush density, hence it’s neither too heavy nor too light. It’s a c-shape type of pillow, hence provides support for the whole body. It comes with different covers and is machine washable. The loft at the upper part is perfect for lounging and nursing, post-pregnancy, as well as giving support for the head and the neck for those who wish to sleep on their side. Apart from pregnancy, this pillow is also perfect for those who seek for full relaxation and recovery from injury and surgery. Hip pressure is primarily relieved by this pillow.

C-Shaped Body Pillow by PharMeDoc

This poly-fiber filling pregnancy pillow has a loft size of 6 inches and a plush density, perfect for those who want their pillows not to soft so as not to provide minimal pressure, but not too tough to aggravate tension. PharMeDoc is a trusted brand in the world of orthopaedic bed pillows and this pillow is one that shapes easily. It may not, however, be as comfortable for taller people but in terms of giving you support and relief, this one would definitely suffice.