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Macular degeneration usually affects people who smoke. It is also common in people with light eyes. Patients with high blood pressure and obesity too are likely to suffer from Macular degeneration. Treat it effectively from EverYoungMed laser & beauty clinic and never have to worry about the condition again. While most cases of Macular degeneration occur in older people, this doesn’t mean you can rule out the chances of it occurring in younger people. Almost 90% of the patients who suffer Macular degeneration are 60 years and above, but it is also found in younger people.

There are mainly two types of Macular degeneration i.e. wet and dry. The wet form of Macular degeneration is the more common one which is seen in older people. The dry form is lesser common and is usually found in younger people. Wet Macular degeneration is age related and can be detected at an early stage with regular eye checkups. The dry from however is usually a result of a damaged tissue in the eye and is a more severe form of Macular degeneration. The dry form is more common in people who have had some kind of accident with the eye which has damaged the tissue.

While most people believe it is possible to cure Macular degeneration, the truth is this condition can only be treated; there is no cure for it. Do not fall prey to doctors who claim they can cure this condition. Once you are detected with Macular degeneration, you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life. The only way to keep it in control and prevent the condition from worsening is by taking the right medication. There are several medication options available for patients who suffer from Macular degeneration. You need to discuss the available medication options with your eye doctor.

Macular degeneration is not rare and there are quite a few people who are diagnosed with this condition. Always choose a reliable and trustworthy doctor who will help you with the right kind of medication and advice you on preventive measures in order to keep this condition in control. It’s always preferred to visit a doctor who has experience in dealing with Macular degeneration.