Who Will Come Out On Top: Juventus Or Napoli?

The Serie A is at it’s most competitive level this year with at least 4 teams in on the title chase for the Italian league title after at least 6 years of domination by the Juventus team. And this kind of a situation has made things really exciting again for the Serie A fans and avid bookmakers of the league who are going through a really torrential phase trying to bet their money on the right team for the win. The Football Gambling site is the best place to be at if you want to best returns and smoothest transaction out of all of the franchisees that are out there selling the same model as us.

Napoli stands tall on top of the table and have been able to achieve this by overcoming the likes of Lazio and Roma until now with their attacking football and have rarely shown any signs of stopping in the league. Currently they are 4 points ahead of Juventus and 2 points ahead of Inter Milan. They would want to increase their lead on the current Champions on 2nd of December as they host Juventus. This is probably going to be the most exciting game of the season as Juventus are finally catching up their game and have been rolling over teams recently.

Juventus on the other hand have had a slow start to season after parting ways with their star defender Bonucci due to clashes with the manager and Situs judi bola having to take the responsibility of the main finisher as Higuain shows proof that Juventus over paid for him. Irrespective of all this Juventus have found their feet and will want to keep the ball rolling in the right direction by stopping the superior attacking force of Napoli with their tight defence.