Scaretober & Blog Ahead October 2016


So I basically took the month of September off and, well, most of August too. But I didn’t stop reading! When I realized I wasn’t really into writing reviews at the moment, I decided to get organized and start fresh for October. That didn’t exactly happen as well as I planned, but I do have some reviews in progress and most of them can fit into the types of reading you look for in October. I also have some more books on their way to me via the library and some ARCs headed my way that will work too. I’m excited to read them all and I need to remember to make the time to review them.


The rest I’ll finish for Blog Ahead and schedule for November. I don’t currently have any finished blog posts and I don’t have any real goals for how many I want to finish. I just want to break out of my slump and get back into blogging regularly. I’ve been busy, mostly with work, but I don’t want to abandon the blog.