Review: Ghost of a Chance by Lauren Barnholdt


Ghost of a Chance by Lauren Barnholdt

Kendall feels like she’s losing at life. The only people who will talk to her are ghosts, and she’s exhausted from trying to fix their problems. Meanwhile, Brandon thinks she’s a liar, her best friend thinks she’s sneaking around with another boy, and her dad is getting serious with a new girlfriend. Kendall can’t cope with anything else!

Desperate for answers, she decides to visit the one person who might have them—the one person she never wanted to see again. Will her mom be able to help, or will Kendall be stuck without a wisp of hope?

Title: Ghost of a Chance (Girl Meets Ghost #3)
Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Publication date: April 8, 2014

Ghost of a Chance is the third and final book in the Girl Meets Ghost series. These books are pretty closely tied together, so this review contains spoilers for the first two books.

Middle school and family drama continues in Ghost of a Chance. Kendall is still suffering the fallout from the events of The Harder the Fall. Brandon’s mad at her because he thinks she’s lying about seeing ghosts (and the ghost of his mom in particular) and Ellie’s mad at her for lying about spending time with Micah. Poor Kendall doesn’t seem to have any friends left. It’s a middle schooler’s worst nightmare. And then it gets worse when she gets paired up with the three people she doesn’t want to work with for a tutoring project she can’t get out of. Working with both Brandon and Micah and with her worst enemy Madison watching everything is awkward.

At least Brandon’s mom is finally leaving her alone. She seems satisfied now that Kendall and Brandon have broken up. Enter the new ghost, my favorite of all of the ghosts. Lily is the older sister of someone Kendall knows and she’s having trouble remembering how she died and what she might need to do to move on. It takes Kendall a lot of maneuvering (and one really long bike ride) to solve Lily’s problem.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s mom is back in her life and Kendall is not sure how she feels about that. A girl could really use her best friend to talk through it with her, but Ellie’s not speaking to her. Kendall makes a ton of mistakes but it’s easy to see how one thing leads to another and she keeps finding herself making the wrong choices. Maybe it’s because I like Kendall so much, but it’s easier for me to forgive her mistakes than with some characters.

I’m actually sad that Girl Meets Ghost is the last book in the series. It’s also my favorite book of the three and it made me wish the series had continued. I can see why the whole “helping ghosts move on” thing might become too repetitive before long, but I really like Kendall and her friends and wish I could keep reading about them.

4 stars