Freebie Friday: Free Bookmark Printables

Freebie February

I first started getting interested in printables last fall when I started my bullet journal. I printed out some free printable stickers and calendars to use for it, then I discovered that there are entire planners (life planners! blog planners! home maintenance planners!) that you can print out. That seemed like a little more work than I wanted to put into a planner at the time, but I found a lot of great ideas for other uses.

Here are some printable bookmarks I’ve found. I recommend using cardstock, which you can find at a crafts store like Michaels, office supply stores, and even Walmart. Or you can use a regular piece of paper and laminate it to make it bulkier and less flimsy. I was going to print some of these myself so I would have real photos to show off, but I’ve used too much printer ink on planner stickers recently and I’m so low on ink that the colors would look terrible.

I don’t have a lot of use for it in my own life, but I really love the look of chalkboard designs/prints/home decor/fonts, like these chalkboard bookmarks.

Another style I like but don’t have much use for personally is the nautical look. I’m landlocked so it would look a little silly in my own home, but I can dream with these nautical bookmarks and matching journals from The 36th Avenue.

If you’re into the adult coloring book trend, Dawn Nicole Designs has you covered with these bookmarks you can color.

Miss Tiina has a lot of fun printables in additon to these bright and colorful bookmarks. I love the stripes! I also saved some of her journal cards to print when I have more ink.

Ticked Peach Studios has a striped one in this set of four printable bookmarks too.

Head back to childhood with some Scooby-Doo, Smurfs, or (my favorite!) Hello Kitty bookmarks.

Finally, Epic Reads filmed a video a couple of weeks ago on making a heart-shaped bookmark, no printer ink needed! Mine isn’t quite as heart-shaped on top as hers is, I think because my rectangle to start was bigger. I could probably shape it up a little with some scissors. I also ended up cutting off the folds on the back to make it less bulky and taping the inside front flaps together with some washi. Here’s mine:

DIY Heart Bookmark