Review: Homecoming by Rusty Fischer

Homecoming by Rusty Fischer

It’s Thanksgiving and all Sarah and her Mom want to do is celebrate the holiday in peace. But that peace is shattered when Sarah’s sister, Shannon, shows up, a fugitive from the The Research Facility for Lycan Readjustment and Reprogramming, better known as Werewolf Rehab. Just like that, Thanksgiving dinner turns into a fight for survival.

Title: Homecoming
Author: Rusty Fischer
Publication date: November 3, 2013

Sarah’s sister Shannon is home for Thanksgiving, an escapee of The Facility where she lives. It’s been a difficult two years for them, ever since Shannon was turned into a werewolf. They move frequently, hoping to outrun Shannon’s escapes, but she always finds them. Shannon’s changed a lot, and not just in the obvious ways. She was bookish and quiet, but now she speaks her mind. She’s determined to make her family understand what she’s going through, even though they would rather have nothing to do with her.

Homecoming is a bit more violent than I expected for such a short story. I read it after Zombie Thanksgiving and really wasn’t expecting much more. Homecoming is only a few pages longer, but there’s a lot more action. There’s also a bit of backstory, which I appreciated given that I wanted backstory from Zombie Thanksgiving. Yet, I liked Zombie Thanksgiving better, so maybe a short story leaving you wanting more is better than one that gives you more.

Homecoming is free on Smashwords.

3 stars



  1. Interesting, I like the idea of a werewolf escaping from somewhere- story possibilities there! I’ve never been to smashwords, will have to check it out.
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