Swapoween 2015 Reveal


I was paired with Beth at Printcess for this year’s Swapoween, a Halloween-related swap at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This was my first year participating in Swapoween and I had so much fun buying Halloween goodies for Beth!

Here’s what she got me. (Excuse my poor photography skills. Not only am I not very good at it, the lighting in my house is bad and I couldn’t find a white sheet to use as a backdrop.)

Swapoween 2015

She got me Horrorstor, a book on my TBR at Goodreads. I’m going to read it soon, but I might save the review for next October. It would be awesome to start scheduling that far out and not have to rush the way I did this year (and last). I told her about my love for gory horror movies, so she got me Trick r Treat. I’ll be baking the pumpkin spice cookies tonight. I’m excited about the Fireworks candy bar because it’s from Trader Joe’s and we don’t have TJ here. There are also coasters (I can always use those), mini cupcake cups, and ribbon. And you can’t see them very well, but there’s a ring in the shape of a claw that wraps around the finger, a necklace (hanging on the cookie mix), and a bone-shaped pen. A leg bone, maybe?

Swapoween 2015

Candy! I look at those Nerds ropes every time I go to Target. I can’t wait to tear into that. There’s also white hot chocolate (my favorite!) and herbal tea.

Swapoween 2015

Halloween card, two decals that say Spooky Reading Girl, a bottle with a haunted house on it (love this one!) and another that says Vampire Blood, a bracelet, orange lip balm, a Yankee Candle (Autumn Wreath – I almost got her this one too), and nail polish

Thank you so much, Beth!

Swapoween was so much fun that I can’t wait to do it again next year. But for now, it’s almost time for the Chaotic Goddess 12 Days of Christmas Swap. Signups begin November 9.



  1. You’re very welcome! I had so much fun putting stuff together for you. 🙂 That nail polish will have to be shaken well before using each time- I handmade it and the tint kept settling something fierce. And have you whistled the notes on the bracelet? Did you get the reference? 😀 (it’s not Halloween-specific, but it IS Y.A.).

    I’m so glad you liked everything!

  2. You got so many awesome stuff! Must be fun to receive a package like that. I still have a review copy of horrorstor to read it sounds like a fun and creepy read. Although it does sound like a book that’s even better when you have a physical copy. And all that candy looks delicious.
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  3. Stephanie says:

    Fun exchange! I love those Nerds ropes. I bought myself one of those little grim reapers that you got Beth except mine is holding a scythe.


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