Review: A Halloween Heart: A Romantic Holiday Story by Rusty Fischer

Halloween Heart by Rusty Fischer

Gemma Mathers is a tour guide at “Frightening Footsteps,” a Ghost Walk company in Snowflake, South Carolina. It’s Halloween and when only one guest shows for the tour, Gemma can hardly believe her good fortune at being stuck with handsome, young Greg Saunders all night. Or *is* it too good to be true? As real haunts start coming fast & furious, Gemma is convinced this will be a night to remember!

Title: A Halloween Heart: A Romantic Holiday Story
Author: Rusty Fischer
Publication date: July 27, 2013

By the time Halloween rolls around, Gemma has been giving ghost tours with Frightening Footsteps for nine months. She’s used to every step of the tour and nothing really surprises her. I get the impression that, although she says otherwise, she doesn’t believe in ghosts. What does surprise Gemma, though, is that she only has one customer on her tour on Halloween night, a night she though would be much busier. What could be more fun than a ghost tour on Halloween?

As it turns out, that’s just the first of many surprises that night. She and Greg get into a pretty scary situation, but by the end of the night, things are looking up for Gemma. She just might have found a new direction for her life.

A Halloween Heart is billed as a romantic story, but it’s really too short to go into that. Things are definitely heading that way, though, and I hope that if she accepts his job offer, Gemma realizes that sleeping with the boss doesn’t seem to be optional.

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4 stars