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Review: A Halloween Heart: A Romantic Holiday Story by Rusty Fischer

Gemma Mathers is a tour guide at “Frightening Footsteps,” a Ghost Walk company in Snowflake, South Carolina. It’s Halloween and when only one guest shows for the tour, Gemma can hardly believe her good fortune at being stuck with handsome, young Greg Saunders all night. Or *is* it too good to be true? As real haunts start coming fast & furious, Gemma is convinced this will be a night to remember! Title: A Halloween Heart: A Romantic Holiday Story Author: {Read More}

Swapoween 2015 Reveal

I was paired with Beth at Printcess for this year’s Swapoween, a Halloween-related swap at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This was my first year participating in Swapoween and I had so much fun buying Halloween goodies for Beth! Here’s what she got me. (Excuse my poor photography skills. Not only am I not very good at it, the lighting in my house is bad and I couldn’t find a white sheet to use as a backdrop.) She got me Horrorstor, a {Read More}

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Wanted to Read This October But Didn’t

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. 10 Books I Wanted to Read This October But Didn’t (aka 10 books I hope to review next Scaretober) 1. The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender – I have been #1 on the waiting list for this book since the first day the first library in the system received the book. There are now SIX copies in the system and none of the {Read More}

Review: The Storm by Virginia Bergin

Ninety-seven percent of the population is dead. And the killer rain keeps falling. Ruby’s not sure she can make it on her own much longer. So when a chance encounter leads her to a camp with the last boy she may ever kiss (it’s not easy to date during an apocalypse), Ruby gratefully accepts the army’s protection. But safety comes with a price: If Ruby wants to stay, she must keep her eyes-and her mouth-shut. Except Ruby stumbles across a {Read More}

Review: The Best Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson

The Herdmans plus Halloween have always spelled disaster Every Halloween, the six Herdman kids steal candy, spray-paint other kids, and take everything that isn’t nailed down. And this year promises to be the same, until the Mayor decides to up and cancel Halloween. True, that means there’d be no Herdman trouble to contend with, but that also means no candy, no costumes, and no trick-or-treating! Is it possible that the Herdmans themselves could make what looks like a horrible Halloween {Read More}

Review: School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

All Kat wants is to be normal, or at least to look that way to students at her new school. But her mother is a medium, and not the kind that fits in between small and large; Kat’s mom is the kind of medium who sees spirits and communicates with them. And, even worse, Kat has just discovered that she can see spirits too. In fact, she seems to be the only one capable of helping a spirit at her {Read More}

Review: The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

Three students: dead. Carly Johnson: vanished without a trace. Two decades have passed since an inferno swept through Elmbridge High, claiming the lives of three teenagers and causing one student, Carly Johnson, to disappear. The main suspect: Kaitlyn, “the girl of nowhere.” Kaitlyn’s diary, discovered in the ruins of Elmbridge High, reveals the thoughts of a disturbed mind. Its charred pages tell a sinister version of events that took place that tragic night, and the girl of nowhere is caught {Read More}

Money Matters: September 2015

I’ve seen other bloggers, like Berls at Fantasy is More Fun and Felicia at The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog, with book budget posts. It made me curious how much I’m spending on books each year. I have a rough idea, because I have an entertainment budget, but I’d like to get more detailed. I’m not going to try to stick to a set goal the way Berls and Felicia do, but it might end up making me think twice about {Read More}

Review: The XYZs of Being Wicked by Lara Chapman

When a young witch goes off to boarding school, she discovers powers that leave her with a challenging choice. Eleven-year-old Hallie is more thrilled than you might think to be shipping off to boarding school. After seeing how horrible “normal” kids can be – kids like her former BFF, Kendall Scott – Hallie figures The Dowling Academy School of Witchcraft will be a welcome fresh start. Plus, it’s a chance to make her dad proud that she’s continuing family traditions {Read More}

Review: The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto

Be careful what you let in… Siler House has stood silent beneath Savannah’s moss-draped oaks for decades. Notoriously haunted, it has remained empty until college-bound Jess Perry and three of her peers gather to take part in a month-long study on the paranormal. Jess, who talks to ghosts, quickly bonds with her fellow test subjects. One is a girl possessed. Another just wants to forget. The third is a guy who really knows how to turn up the August heat, {Read More}