My To-Be Read List: August 2015

My To-Be Read List

My To-Be Read List is a meme hosted by Because Reading is Better Than Real Life. On the first Saturday of every month, I’ll be posting a poll with three books from my TBR. You get to vote on one for me to read and on the last Saturday of the month, I’ll post my review.

Here are my choices for August:

Millicent Min, Girl Genius by Lisa Yee

Millicent Min, Girl Genius by Lisa Yee

Who would have thought being smart could be so hard (and funny)?

Millicent Min is having a bad summer. Her fellow high school students hate her for setting the curve. Her fellow 11-year-olds hate her for going to high school. And her mother has arranged for her to tutor Stanford Wong, the poster boy for Chinese geekdom. But then Millie meets Emily. Emily doesn’t know Millicent’s IQ score. She actually thinks Millie is cool. And if Millie can hide her awards, ignore her grandmother’s advice, swear her parents to silence, blackmail Stanford, and keep all her lies straight, she just might make her first friend.

What’s it going to take? Sheer genius.

The Hidden Summer by Gin Phillips

The Hidden Summer by Gin Phillips

After a falling out between their mothers, 13-year-old best friends Nell and Lydia are forbidden from seeing each other for the whole summer. Nell struggles with the thought of not only losing her best friend, but also losing the only person in whom Nell finds refuge from the difficulties she faces at home. Determined to find a place of their own, Nell and Lydia spend the summer hiding out in an abandoned golf course where Nell and Lydia find mysterious symbols scattered throughout the grounds. As they reveal the secret of the symbols, Nell discovers she isn’t the only one seeking haven and begins to uncover what’s really been hidden all along, finally allowing herself to be truly seen.

Reunited by Hilary Weisman Graham

Reunited by Hilary Weisman Graham

Alice, Summer, and Tiernan used to be best friends—as well as the self-proclaimed biggest fans of the band Level3. But when the band broke up, so did their friendship.

Now, four years later, they’ve just graduated from high school. When Level3 announces a one-time reunion show in Texas, Alice impulsively buys tickets and invites her two former friends along for the trip. Reluctant at first, both girls agree to go, each with her own ulterior motive. But old resentments and other roadblocks—from unintended detours to lost concert tickets—keep getting in the girls’ way. Will their friendship get an encore, or is the show really over?



  1. I really like the sound of reunited. I hope which ever one wins you love 🙂
    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted…My To-Be Read List ~ Lets Vote ~ AugustMy Profile

  2. I voted for the Hidden Summer. I like the sound of the mystery behind the symbols and that the girls are willing to stay friends, even if their moms don’t want to and don’t want them to.
    Sarah @ Flood of Books, etc. recently posted…My August To Be Read ListMy Profile

  3. I went with The Hidden Summer. Thinking that it would be tough to lose time with your best friend because of parents.

  4. I voted for The Hidden Summer as I like the cover and it sounded fun. And that title makes me curious about the book.
    Lola recently posted…My To Be Read List #12: pollMy Profile


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