Weekly Rewind: July 5-11


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I was on vacation from work this past week but just stayed local. Unfortunately, even though the weather wasn’t very summery, I didn’t get as much blogging time as I hoped. I did get some in though.

I scaled back my garden a little this year, and with how rainy it’s been, I’m glad I did. I have four tomato plants (one is not producing anything), squash (not doing well at all), peppers, and tomatoes, plus a variety of herbs. My lettuce is done, but I do have corn salad (growing very slowly) and plan to do another round of lettuce in the fall. My tomatoes have been green for weeks and are finally starting to ripen now. I had a huge one on the vine, but just after it turned red, a pack of squirrels attacked it before I could get to it. Last year I started the pepper from seeds and it took forever to finally start producing, but once it did, I had a lot of peppers. This year I got plants instead and have peppers earlier but not as many. The rain might have something to do with that though. It rains just about every day, sometimes several inches.

I’m headed out of state for a funeral today. It’s a quick trip; I have to work tomorrow so I’ll be back late tonight.

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