Discussion: Blogging Slump

So, this is my first post since May 26. Clearly, I’ve been in a blogging slump. I didn’t want to admit it for the longest time, but I’ve been struggling with my blog since about February or March. I got sick in February, and then again at the end of March. Brigitta (my cat) got sick at Easter, right as I was recovering. She’s doing a lot better now, but the weather got nicer, as it does during the spring, and I started spending more time outside. I’m doing a garden again this year (tomatoes, peppers, squash, basil, chives, lettuce) so I spent a lot of time getting that going. I biked. I played Game of War on my iPad. I worked a lot. I did everything but blog, read blogs, or stay up to date with the blogging community. I even read books a lot. I just didn’t write any posts, so when I ran out of scheduled posts on May 26, my blog went silent.

I want to blog again. I do. Sitting down and getting back into it isn’t easy though. There always seems to be some distraction, or something else that I “need” to do first. I’ve thought about writing posts a lot over the past six or eight weeks, but I just haven’t done it. I’ve also thought about quitting. I don’t want to quit, but posts aren’t going to write themselves. Blogging takes effort, and I haven’t wanted to put the work into it.

I’m not sure where to go from here. I thought a new month would be a good time to get back into blogging. I’m definitely going to try harder. I already have a few posts scheduled. My domain name is up for renewal in August, so I’m going to have to make a decision in the next month or so. Do I quit and leave blogging behind, or will I get through this? I hope I keep going.


  1. Oh my… this could have been written by me! I’ve been struggling with my blogging since March. I’ve been reading, but I can’t seem to motivate myself to write reviews. Like you, I’ve been THINKING about what to write, and composing posts in my head….but then never seems to get any farther than that.
    Good luck to both of us on getting our blogging mojo back!
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  2. I think a lot of us have been in a slump this year – I know I’m really just pulling out of a hardcore slump from March. For me, it’s because I had to accept that blogging would be something different for me now than it had been. Now that I realize that and am not holding myself to the same expectations as before, I’m enjoying it again. Whatever you decide, hugs! Blogging isn’t easy and it certainly should be fun 🙂
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