Weekly Rewind: May 3-9


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Brigitta continues to get her appetite back, but she’s decided she won’t eat leftovers. She also won’t eat a whole can of food in a sitting, so her sister Liesl has been benefiting from the leftovers. She’s not as picky. Brigitta has started eating some of her dry food, but wet food is really better for her. Those little cans are expensive though! They’re about $1 each and Brigitta will eat anywhere from a fourth to three-fourths at a time, depending on how hungry she is and what distractions there are. That’s about six cans a day if I have to split them between the two cats. And I thought prescription food was expensive. Yesterday Liesl didn’t want her dry food, only wet, every time she was fed. I hope she doesn’t go to strictly canned because she has always eaten more food and more often than Brigitta.

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I’m slowly getting back into blogging, but I have a lot of catching up to do, especially with ARCs. I haven’t been requesting any for the past few months, but I have had a few requests come in that I just couldn’t say no to! I’m working on them, plus writing reviews for other books I’ve read. I’ll get there. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this is just a hobby and it’s okay if I miss release dates. Other bloggers may not feel that way, but that’s one reason why I don’t co-blog. I like the freedom to run my blog my way. I hope it doesn’t hapen, but if I stop getting approvals or requests because I fell behind, no one else will be affected. Life and my blog will go on, and the books will get released eventually. I can just read them then.

My To-Be Read List

The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller

I still haven’t posted my review of Stealing Parker, the winner of March’s TBR List poll, but I hope to have it up soon (halfway done!) and to post my review of The Summer I Became a Nerd, which won this month’s poll on May 30. I’ve been wanting to read this book since before I started blogging (two years next month!), so I’m really excited it won.

Reviews: Extraordinary by Miriam Spitzer Franklin

Other Posts: Cover Reveal: The Girl I Was Before by Ginger Scott, Money Matters: April

Books I Acquired:
This Side of Home by Renee Watson
This Side of Home by Renée Watson


Robin: Lady of Legend by RM ArceJaeger Beautiful Demons box set by Sarra Cannon The Scavengers by Gen Griffin

Robin: Lady of Legend by RM ArceJaeger, Beautiful Demons box set by Sarra Cannon, The Scavengers by Gen Griffin

Currently Reading: Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt



  1. Nice to here she is eating more. I have to coax my dog to eat. He’s so picky and I still wonder how he’s gotten heavier. LOL My cat, Sheba, likes her dry food but every evening around 6:30 she starts winding around my legs and meowing, reminding me to give her a teaspoon of moist food for her treat. You aren’t kidding that can get expensive.
    Great haul this week too! I’ve dropped the ball on a few of my Netgalley ARCs and need to get going with that.
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  2. I hope Brigitta keeps getting better, good luck with that- and the caned food. I can relate to that, they get expensive after a while. Summer I Became a Nerd looks fun, neat premise. Have a great week.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #90My Profile

  3. I agree about ARCs and release dates – I was approved for a book at the beginning of April with a pub date about 20 days later. I really don’t think it’s unreasonable to wait a bit before deciding to read and review the book. I feel like at this point publishers should be quite understanding that we may have 10 ARCs “due” in one month and it’ll all get scheduled by release date to the best of our ability.
    My goal is always to keep this FUN and do anything I can to maintain that.
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