Book Blogger Organization Challenge: March

Book Blogger Organization Challenge

I’m participating in the Book Blogger Organization Challenge, which runs from January 1 through June 30. The challenge will be focusing on different areas each month.

On Tuesday I reviewed my progress for February. For March, the focus is on social media and review outlets. This is going to be a huge amount of work for me because social media and review outlets (Goodreads, basically) are where I need a lot of improvement.

Clean Up Social Media Accounts
I really don’t use much of my social media, so it’s time to decide which accounts go and which accounts stay. I also want to work on updating the ones I’m keeping, unfollow inactive accounts, and clean up Bloglovin. I really can’t keep up with it the way it is anymore so I need to create groups.

Accounts I have: Twitter, Goodreads, Bloglovin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Tsu.

I know right now that Facebook and Tsu are going. I created accounts on those platforms but never did anything with them. I kind of want to hang on to them just because I have the name reserved, but there’s really no point. I don’t care for either of them so I don’t see myself using them.

My Goodreads shelves are a mess. It’s going to take me much longer than this month to get it up to speed, but I have to start sometime. I need to mark books read (and put them on shelves) if they were and delete a lot of books I no longer want to read from my TBR. I want to create a better wishlist for future swaps and match it to my Amazon wishlist.

After I decide whether I’m keeping some of my social media accounts, I need to cross-post my reviews to the ones I do keep. I also want to cross-post to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Keeping Stats Organized
I’m currently not requesting any books, but I do need to update my stats. I keep my stats on Netgalley and then update as needed, mostly if I’m going to request a book. Then I go to Edelweiss and update my stats there too. That way they’re both the same.



  1. I really need to clean up my bloglovin feed once, I think I follow a lot of blogs that are inactive or whoms blogs I hardly ever visit.
    I do use facebook and Tsu, although I have the feeling tsu is a lot more effective than facebook, but I still want to have a facebook page for those who prefer to follow that way.
    I cleaned up my goodreads shelves at the beginning of the year, although I still have some shelving to do for books that I already read and in which format I own them.

    Good luck with your March goals!
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    • I don’t even have a personal Facebook, just one I’ve used for years (under a fake name) for games. I don’t even really use that one anymore now that I’m really into a game on my iPad. I created one for the blog so I could use it for giveaway entries and I thought I might actually use it for the blog, but I never did and I’ve never linked it on my site.
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