Discussion: How I Started Blogging

I never read a book blog until I started my own in June 2013.

I had read other types of blogs, mainly nail polish blogs, a couple of coupon blogs, and one financial blog that I kept up with even though I found the blogger too self-satisfied and smug to ever want to follow any of his advice. Plus, he never seemed to have any fun because he was so cheap. (I have since dropped that blog.)

Anyway, no book blogs for me until June 2013. I was aware of them, but I wasn’t interested. I had been using Goodreads to keep track of my books since 2007, but I didn’t use it regularly. I didn’t write reviews and I didn’t read them. Sometimes I gave star ratings.

In January 2013, I started reading a little more than I had. I joined a couple of Goodreads groups and started working on their challenges. I was doing the 50 States Challenge, reading a book set in each state, and the A-Z Challenge, reading a book with a the first word in the title or the author’s name starting with a different letter in the alphabet. I read 11 books that month, and because I was finding books to fit into my challenges, I was reading new-to-me authors.

I didn’t want to read bad books (and waste time in my quest for challenge books), so I started more paying attention to reviews. I noticed that a lot of them were linking to blogs. One day I clicked on one of the links. Then another, and then another.

And then, that same day, I went to Blogger and started my own blog. I make impulse decisions like that. When I start thinking about something, I don’t want to wait. I worked on the design and setting everything up for a couple of days, and then I was ready to “open.” Rather Be Reading YA was born!


  1. Great post! If you were a comic book character this would be your origin story 😉 <3 Bee
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  2. The best thing about the internet is that there’s something for everyone, and a new obsession could be just around the corner 🙂

    Great post Jenna, I enjoyed reading about how you got started!
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  3. I started much the same. I started reading ya when my daughter became interested in the books. when I was looking for a book for her, i stumbled upon Twilight. Never heard of it but i like vampires and so I read it, yes I loved it. That started my obsesseion with ya. then I was introduced to goodreads. Oh that started more of an obsession. Then in late 2010 I think, I started a seasonal challenge on goodreads that forced me to read outside my realm. at this point I was only reading vampire books. yes boring. I know. So I started searching out books and found a blog sometime in 2011 went there, that introduced me to Waiting on Wednesday. so i traced it back to the originating source and started clicking on all the links. Thought this is so cool I want to do this… my blog was born. It took me a bit thinking about it first though. I was unsure I was able to write reviews or have much to say on a blog. I still struggle but I am so glad i tried it. sorry such a long comment.

    • I liked Twilight too, but I never really got into vampire books beyond that. I know they were really popular though!

      Thanks for sharing your story too. 🙂 I struggle with writing reviews and other posts too. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in that. At least we’re having fun with it.
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  4. I love this story! I love seeing when bloggers share personal stories because then I feel like I really know the person behind the blog instead of just the blog. I should give it a try some time.
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  5. Great post! It’s so interesting to see how you got started.
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  6. Aw, it was interesting to read about your journey! Love the personal story 🙂
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