Discussion: Book Polygamy

I am a book polygamist. I have never been able to read just one book at a time. If I am only reading one book, it’s because I’ve finished a book (or several books) and just haven’t started another one yet.

This is what my currently reading shelf on Goodreads looks like today:

Currently Reading Shelf 02/16/15

The Bargaining and Shutter are the books I’m actively reading for review right now. They’re both on my Kindle. I’m getting bogged down in the details of Shutter so I started reading The Bargaining.

I have a paperback copy of Get Even that I leave in the living room to read there (and only there). I haven’t been spending much time in there lately so I haven’t read much of it this month, but it’s not an ARC so there’s no rush.

I’m working on Trying Out and The Mystery Off Glen Road for upcoming Throwback Thursday posts, and What Happened on Fox Street is my current middle grade/breakfast book. I eat breakfast alone so I usually read a book while I eat. It doesn’t take me long to eat so I only get a few pages read every day. I’m not really liking Fox Street so I’ll probably look around for a different book if it doesn’t pick up in a few days.

There are two books not pictured (because I forgot to add them to “currently reading” until just now): The Assassin’s Curse lives on a shelf in the bathroom closet for the (rare) nights I want to take a bath and The Ruby Circle is my current audiobook. I’ve been preoccupied with The Walking Dead podcasts so I’ve barely started it.

That’s eight books! I never have trouble keeping track of different storylines, even when the books I’m reading are more similar than the ones I’m reading now. It just seems natural to me to have multiple books going at once.

Are you a book polygamist or a book monogamist?



  1. Definitely a monogamist. If I go more than a few days without reading, I start to forget details and storylines so I can’t imagine having multiple books going at once.

  2. I usually like to finish one book at a time, but If I really want to read more than one – I can manage doing that 🙂 Great post!
    Benish K recently posted…Red Queen Review ♥ Victoria AveyardMy Profile

  3. I’m definitely an unapologetic book polygamist. I’ll read a hardcover, a book for school, a CD audiobook, a digital audiobook, and an ebook all at the same time, depending on what I’m doing and where I am. Sometimes it gets overwhelming because it takes a long time to finish a book when it’s competing with five other books. But there are also days when I finish four books and get to mark them all as “read” on Goodreads, making me feel like a rockstar!
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  4. I used to be a polygamist until I realized I was not getting fully into the stories. the goal was just to read and not enjoy as much. So now I just read one book at a time and make myself finish it before starting a new one. This is how I’ve gotten myself to reduce my “to-be-continue” list. 🙂
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  5. I’m a definite monogamist. I’ve tried to read more than one book at a time, but it never works out. I’d end up liking one more than the other so I would focus on it, then I’d end up DNFing the other because I wasn’t enjoying it as much, or when I got done with the one I was enjoying, I wouldn’t be interested in the other anymore. I think this hurt me in the long run, because I may have enjoyed the other book more if it was exclusively the one I was reading.
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  6. I try to read 2 or 3 books at a time. I like one on my ereader for night time and one in print. And usually one or two others.
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  7. I’ve always been a book monogamist, but lately I’ve been reading two books at the same time and it works for me. One of the books is on my ipad during breakfast and the other is on my Kobo during evenings. Normally I woudl play a game on my ipad durign breakfast, so basically readign a book then gives me more tiem to read on a day. Not sure if it stays that way or not, but in generally I like to read only one book at the same time, it’s not difficult to keep track of the storylines, but I generally always like one book more and read that instea,d although with this new method that hasn’t happened.
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  8. I always read more than one and have an audiobook going too!

  9. I so have this issue. Either I get bored or overwhelmed with part of a book and start a lighter or faster paced book. or I am in one room and don’t have my current book so i grab an available one. I also just have book ADD. I want to read so many and get so excited, I keep starting new ones.
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