Book Blogger Organization Challenge: January Wrapup

Book Blogger Organization Challenge

I’m participating in the Book Blogger Organization Challenge, which runs from January 1 through June 30. The challenge will be focusing on different areas each month.

Tomorrow I will talk about February’s focus, but first let’s see how I did in January.

In addition to the challenges I had already committed to, I signed up for Contemporary Conversations, a March event. Since I read mostly contemporaries, this is the perfect event for me. I’m not sure I’ll have anything other than reviews, but I’ll see if I can think up some discussion topics and try to keep my memes related to contemporaries as much as possible.

I’m struggling to remember (which really means not be too lazy) to update my challenge posts with books as I read them. It doesn’t help that I’m falling behind on reviews, but I need to get better at this. I did catch up yesterday, but I want to update as I go, not all at once.

This is obviously going to be an ongoing project. I did pretty well up until the last week of the month, when I suddenly had NOTHING scheduled ahead of time and I was also tired and didn’t feel like working on posts at night. I ended up writing several posts in the afternoon and posting them right away or that night, something I hate to do.

The Good: I’m definitely catching up with ARCs (although I can’t resist getting more!) and my Netgalley ratio is now exactly at the recommended 80%. I don’t have any pending requests either, so I’m only going to go up from here! (For now, anyway.) I’m doing pretty well with my 2015 challenges. The hardest part for me has been remembering to update the lists with the books I’ve read that qualify for each challenge.

The So-So: I haven’t reviewed every book I’ve read this month, but I am working on them. I even did a DNF roundup of mini-reviews for some of last year’s DNFs and I’m considering doing another mini-review post for 2014 books that were not DNFs. I have a stack sitting here on my computer desk that I’m ready to get rid of (see “10. Purging books” but I don’t remember enough about most of them to write full reviews.

The Bad: Commenting. I am SO behind. Scheduling, which I already talked about.

I can’t really categorize the “participate in more swaps” goal. There were a couple I wanted to sign up for in January — OTSPSecretSister (which is much more than a swap but I had it in mind for this) and the Chaotic Goddess Books ‘n Bloggers Swap but for personal reasons I decided to sit both of them out. They each have another round coming up later in the year so I’ll reconsider then.



  1. This is the first year I am doing a lot of reading challenges and every time I finish a book and schedule my review I really have to remidn myself to check to which challenges the book applies and add it to my recap posts for that and add the appropiate tag to the book review post. So far I’ve been managing, but it sure is a lot of work, luckily I don’t read too many books.
    I took a month long challenge last year to focus on scheduling posts ahead and once you are ahead it’s easier to keep up, so maybe that helps for you as well.
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    • I did the Blog Ahead thing too and I do have a lot of monthly posts scheduled or at least written as much as I can. My real problem is the reviews. I’m so lazy about writing them right after I’ve read the book. If I would only do that, I would have plenty of posts. I’ve already read 20 books this year and I haven’t written reviews for all of them.

      And I’m not doing Top Ten Tuesday for the next few weeks (I do it when I like the topic and skip it when I don’t), so I wasn’t able to plan out any of those posts. Plus I’ve been posting every day instead of only 4-5 days a week like I had been. I’ll catch up soon though!
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