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I’ve always been a reader and I used to visit the library a lot when I was younger. My parents are teachers and I spent a lot of afterschool time in the school library waiting for them to finish up so we could go home. When I got a little older, I was able to walk from school to the public library. I grew up in a rural area so the library wasn’t large, but it was big enough for my needs at the time.

I haven’t had a library card in a long time though. I’ve been thinking about getting one, but because I need a nonresident card (which costs money) I kept putting it off. I did some research into libraries in the area and I found that costs for nonresident card vary widely. The library closest to me charges $110 a year! I spend more than than on books in a year, but not all at once. Others are $91 and $63.

Yesterday I decided to finally go get my library card. I went to the $63 library, which I think is also the largest library in the area. It was smaller inside than it looks from the outside, but the good thing is that I can use my card at most libraries in the area — including the one that charges $110.

I only checked out two books because I have quite a few ARCs to read for February, but I’m planning on looking at their ebook and downloadable audiobook selections later. Since I had to pay for the card, I feel an obligation to get my money’s worth. I’ll be keeping track of how many books I check out and at the end of the year, I’ll be able to figure out how much each book cost me to borrow.

Do you have a library card? Do you use it a lot or do you rarely go to the library?



  1. $63?? Goodness! I have the library card for my library system (which covers all libraries in the county) but, greedy me, I wanted one for the system in the neighboring county because they have far better e-books and digital audiobooks that I can get from their Overdrive system. It only cost me $25 to get a non-resident card for every library in the system! I rarely actually go to the library, but I do use both cards for digital books, especially now that I’m on a book-buying ban.
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    • Yeah, $63 is a little high, which is the main reason I’m going to be keeping track of how many I check out. I’ll see if it’s worth it to me to renew my card next year. I will probably mostly use it for ebooks and audiobooks too.
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  2. Congrats I love my library. I didn’t know any libraries charge yearly. ours doesn’t. Do yours have audio too. we have audio downloads and audio cds and audio playaways. I love my audio.
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    • They probably charge for nonresidents, like if I were to go into your library and ask for a card, they would probably charge me. Where I live at least, property taxes go to support the library and if you don’t own property in that library’s district, you’re not supporting them so they have to get their money another way.
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  3. I’ve always had library cards (at the moment I have three…one for my hometown where my family lives, one from the city where I went to college, and one for the town where I currently live). I’ve definitely been on and off with how much I utilize the library, but ever since I’ve started blogging it’s been a lifesaver, because the amount of books I read has definitely increased, and I don’t have the funds or space to buy every single book that I read (although my current town’s library is smaller and they don’t always order all the books that I want, so I do end up buying those). I hope that you find a lot of great books to check out, especially since you had to pay!
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    • This library is two stories, but the second floor is all nonfiction. The fiction is all on the first floor, along with offices, so there aren’t as many books as I expected. I think I’ll find enough to check out, especially since I can go to other libraries too.
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  4. When I was younger, I definitely had a library card for school that I filled up time and time again. In my adult life, I only got a library card last year, and I used the HECK out of it. It doesn’t have a yearly fee, although it has all the other usual fees (late fees, etc). I LOVE IT. I have saved so so much money from book-buying, because books can go up to $20 for me. I estimate my savings to be almost into the thousands. :O
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    • I don’t keep most books after I’ve read them, so it’s kind of silly to keep buying them when I could just borrow them instead. I’ll buy the ones I can’t get through the library or that I can’t wait for if there’s a waiting list.
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  5. just got my first library card in awhile also! Yay for reading!!
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  6. I use my library card ALL the time! We have a pretty good county-wide system, that has a reciprocal agreement with the library systems in the next county. As long as I go into one of the branches once a year to show I still live in the reciprocal area, they renew my card and I can use it at any branch, or even better, check out ebooks!
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  7. I used to get a lot of books from the library when I was younger and the library was free, but now that I have to pay for the library i don’t really go there anymore. My boyfriend got a library card when he needed some non-fiction books and we went for the cheapest option. But our libraries don’t have a huge selection of english books or don’t have the books I want, so I don’t feel it’s worth it. They do have a selection of e-books nowadays, so maybe I’ll have to look into it a bit more.
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    • It can’t hurt to look into it, but if they don’t have the books you want there’s no reason to have to pay. That’s why I’m keeping track. If I don’t find enough to make it worth it to me, I won’t renew next year. I think I’ll be making more use of the ebooks and audiobooks they have to download than I will of going into the library itself. I prefer to read ebooks anyway, and audiobooks are expensive so it will be great if I can borrow at least some of what I want instead of buying.
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  8. I recently went to my local library to renew mine, only to find out that they lost my records! Oh well. Now I have one, and I can use it whenever I feel like it. Plus, I have access to their e-books now, which is pretty cool. I’m hoping to start using it soon. It will definitely save me a lot of money. I’m also hoping to start exploring the other libraries in the county because my card is county-wide.
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  9. You have to *pay* to use your libraries? D: They’re free here and you can sign up to any in the state (even ones not belonging to your local council), as they’re considered a community service. The only libraries you need to pay for are university libraries (that is, if you’re not a student or staff member).

    My mind is completely boggled by this information. Goodness me! Interesting how it works in different parts of the world!

    Going by that list of your options, it sounds like you got a good deal! I’m sure you’ll get way more than $63 worth out of that 🙂
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  10. Oh man! I didn’t know libraries cost money for any reason. I got a library card when I moved to my new town; I just had to show them the address on my license. I’m renting too and don’t technically even own property.
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