Revisiting My Resolutions and Goals for 2014

Next week’s Top Ten Tuesday is about 2015 resolutions. I did a pretty bad job on my goals for 2014 so I thought about not even doing another one. I had an open date on my calendar so I ended up writing the post, but this week, let’s see how I did on my 2014 goals:


01. Organization and scheduling: This is something I only started working on at the end of 2014 when I joined Blog Ahead for November. I’m super proud of myself for keeping up with it after BA officially ended and I’m confident that I’ll be able to keep it up.

02. Stop putting reviews off: I put off so many reviews early in the summer that I never did write them. I still have the stack of books sitting here on my desk.

03. Redesign my blog: Done! I’m feeling the redesign itch again, but I’m hoping that I can squash it by just making some new graphics.

04. Be more consistent with memes and commenting: I’m not sure what I meant by be more consistent. I only do memes when I’m interested in the topic, so I’m not going to do (for example) Top Ten Tuesday every week. Sometimes I don’t look that far ahead at what’s coming out so it can be hard for me to do Waiting on Wednesday every week. I did do the Weekly Rewind (Sunday Post) most weeks, and I’ve been doing My To-Be-Read List every month since it started. As for commenting, I didn’t do as much of that as I’d like. My idea was to reply to all comments left on my meme posts and visit and reply to those people AND visit and comment on “extras,” bloggers who hadn’t visited me first. Some weeks I did great. Some weeks not so much.

05. Be better at replying to comments: This ties in with the one above, and I failed pretty badly. A couple of times I got so far behind at replying that I just didn’t do it.

06. Complete my 2014 reading challenges: Fail! I never even really went back and looked at them once I made my post last January. I am signing up for reading challenges for 2015, instead of trying to do them on my own. I hope that will keep more accountable.

07. Clean up my Goodreads account: I got started on this but I even didn’t make dent.

08. Finish Project 365: I gave up and I’m not even going to try it in 2015.

09. Plan ahead when it comes to my gardening: I think I did a good job on this for the spring, but I got a late start in the fall and my fall garden didn’t really go anywhere.

10. Start and complete my Wreck This Journal: Didn’t even start it. But I bought colored pencils and markers! I’ll be ready when I do decide to start.

Overall I didn’t do that well, but it’s okay. Do you go back and revisit your goals or resolutions at the end of the year?

Don’t forget to stop by next Tuesday to read about my plans for 2015!



  1. I didn’t do any resolutions because I knew better -they probably wouldn’t have happened anyway. LOL. This year though (2015) I am going to do a few reading challenges, and hopefully will do OK with those.

    Have a merry Christmas!
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