Review: Snowed Over by Angie Stanton


To college student, Katie Brandt, ‘Home for the Holidays’ sounds like hell. When her parents separated, their holiday traditions shattered like a dropped ornament. What could be worse than celebrating Christmas with her suddenly single mom and mom’s new boyfriend?

Alex Walker, an engaged 20-year-old, dreads going home for his own reasons. He has a daunting task ahead of him and wishes he could skip the holidays altogether. So when a friend of a friend needs a ride north, Alex finds that having beautiful Katie seated by his side proves to be just the distraction he needs.

A simple ride home for Christmas turns into a nightmare when light snow rages into a full-scale blizzard. Katie and Alex find themselves stranded, and a vacant cabin becomes a haven from the storm. Under different circumstances, time alone with Alex would be the ultimate Christmas gift, but Katie knows Alex is engaged and she must hide her growing attraction.

However, Alex harbors a secret that just might change this holiday from the worst Christmas ever, to the best.

Title: Snowed Over
Author: Angie Stanton
Source: Received for Christmas 2013
Publication date: October 12, 2012

I read Snowed Over last month for the Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Readathon.

Snowed Over is a cute holiday story about two college students who meet for the first time on the way to join their families for Christmas break. Katie needs a ride; Alex has a car and is going her way. They end up driving through a blizzard and getting stuck before they reach their destinations. It’s a fairly predictable story, but it’s done well, except for a couple of characters are so over-the-top stereotypes that they seem almost caricatures. Alex’s girlfriend is one of those characters. She’s truly awful, and it makes me think less of Alex for ever being with her in the first place. Sure, he claims that she’s changed for the worse recently and that he’s been trying to break up with her — but he can’t have tried that hard or he would have done it already.

Snowed Over is short so there isn’t time to draw things out for a long time, but this story isn’t about instalove. When they first meet, Katie is annoyed because Alex is late and she’s standing outside in the cold. She thinks he’s attractive, but they really don’t even talk that much until they find themselves stranded. The highlight of the book for me is Katie and Alex’s Christmas celebration while stranded. They make do with what’s available but manage to have a pretty nice time even though they’re not in the best situation. By this time, they’re admitting their attractions to themselves, unsure whether the other person feels the same. And there’s still the matter of Alex’s girlfriend…

I don’t read many holiday stories, probably because they’re not really a thing in YA, but Snowed Over definitely left me wanting more.

4 stars



  1. Sounds cute! And a little bit familiar but that’s because the premise isn’t exactly original. But a short, swoony Christmas read always appeals to me.
    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted…My To-Be-Read List : Dec 14 PickMy Profile

  2. I don’t read a lot of christmas stories either, but I really enjoyed this one. It’s a short and fun read, I really enjoyed the christmas celebration scene as well. The short lenght does make it difficult to really get a feel for the characters sometimes.
    Lola recently posted…Book Blitz: Inspired by Night by L.E. MayMy Profile