Review: Kissing Snowflakes by Abby Sher

Kissing Snowflakes by Abby Sher

The picturesque montain ski lodge is the perfect place to spend winter break…if you have a boyfriend! Otherwise, that cozy leather couch in front of the crackling fire looks a lot less inviting. Good thing that there are lots of cute, blond, sweater-wearing ski instructors around to choose from….

Title: Kissing Snowflakes
Author: Abby Sher
Source: Purchased
Publication date: November 1, 2007

I started reading Kissing Snowflakes for the Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Readathon last month. I didn’t finish it during the readathon, but a couple of days later, just as the weather here was getting cold. In fact, the day I finished it was the day we had our first snow flurries.

Like Snowed In, Kissing Snowflakes is more of a winter book than a holiday one. Samantha is Jewish but her family isn’t celebrating Hanukkah, they’re celebrating (or not, in Sam’s case) her father’s remarriage to Kathy with a trip to a Vermont ski lodge. Sam is still upset about her parents’ divorce and she’s determined to be miserable on the trip. What a drag. You know you have a bad attitude when your brother calls you on it. Kathy is, in Sam’s opinion, trying way too hard, but in my opinion she’s just not giving Kathy a chance. Really, there is nothing Kathy could do to make Sam happy, other than disappear. Kathy, by the way, gives the book its title with her story of going outside when it’s snowing really hard and kissing snowflakes: tilting your head to the sky and letting them land on your lips. Yeah, it’s weird. I’m with Sam on that one.

Sam is immature and a little naive. Apparently she’s never heard of the playboy ski instructor stereotype, because there she goes, falling head over heels for one. She doesn’t see it at first, but Drew’s not quite the guy Sam wants him to be. It’s pretty clear that Drew only wants sex, and there are some super cringeworthy scenes with her chasing after him. Fortunately, Drew isn’t the only person Sam meets on her trip. Her new BFF Ashley is pretty awesome, and the son of the ski lodge owner is a much nicer guy than Drew.

I would have liked more of the family dynamics instead of focusing on the boy drama all the time. Sam’s father has just remarried and he and his new wife Kathy have chosen to take his teenagers on their honeymoon. Why? Family bonding couldn’t wait another six months, until summer vacation? They barely even spend time together as a family anyway. Sam is off chasing Drew or moping over him, Jeremy (who’s a more experience skiier than the others) is hitting the harder slopes, and Dad and Kathy are just off somewhere. They do have some fun scenes together at the lodge. I love that lodge. It seems like such a cozy, fun place to be, and the couple who works there are wonderful characters.

Kissing Snowflakes is a fluffy winter romance, perfect for a wintertime readathon or just a snowy afternoon sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate.

3 stars



  1. Great review. It sounded like a good one from the synopsis but I don’t think I would like it very much. I think I’d want the family involved in the story more since that’s the whole reason she’s there and less of the annoying good-girl chases bad-boy romance.
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