Discussion: Stats, Spoilers, and Movies

I’ve noticed that it’s trendy right now to say you used to be obsessed with stats, but no longer pay attention. Not me. I like stats because I like numbers. I minored in math in college. Of course I like the numbers to go up, but even when they’re going down, I like them. I like to watch them and make comparisons. I love looking at the various graphs my counters produce.

Several months ago I discussed writing reviews with spoilers. I was considering writing all non-ARC reviews with spoilers to make it easier for myself to write a more complete discussion-like review — with a spoiler warning, of course. (I do apologize to all the commenters on that post who I never answered. I was being lazy at that time and before I knew it, a month had passed and I deemed it “too late” to reply.) I never actually made a decision on whether to make the change to all-spoiler reviews. It just hasn’t happened, but I’m keeping it in mind for the future.

I do, on occasion, write reviews with spoilers though. About a month after that discussion post, I reviewed Gayle Forman’s If I Stay and Where She Went in a single post. It wasn’t possible to review Where She Went without spoiling If I Stay and I had listened to the audiobooks back to back, so I went ahead and labeled it with a spoiler warning and spoiled both books.

Last month, If I Stay came out in movie theaters.


Page Views August 2014

Organic Searches August 2014

Just to compare, my page views in August were more than four times those in June and July (which were a single page view apart). That level of hits at the beginning of August was already about three times higher than usual, so the buzz — and the increased traffic to my blog — started early. I expected it to level off pretty quickly after the movie came out on August 22. The reason it stayed high, and even climbed, is because people wanted spoilers for the sequel, which I had conveniently provided for them. Even now, almost a month since the release, I’m still at that early August level.

Now obviously these aren’t the kind of hits you really want, steady followers who will return day after day or week after week. These people are never coming back to my blog again. But the two month spike was nice, especially for someone like me who likes numbers and graphs and trends. I just thought it was interesting and it gave me something else to consider in my decision on whether to write reviews with spoilers. For this one I wasn’t even thinking about the movie when I wrote my review. I don’t go to the movies — I can count on my fingers the movies I’ve seen in theaters this century and still have fingers left over — so it wasn’t even on my radar.

I can’t say that I won’t be paying attention to upcoming YA movies in the future though. I won’t read a book I’m not interested in just for the movie traffic, but I might bump a book up and get to it sooner if it’s already on my TBR and I know a movie is coming out. And I might include spoilers.

Or maybe not. I kind of want to read The Maze Runner, but I didn’t get to it in time for today’s release of the movie. I could probably squeeze it in next week and still get some additional traffic, but I’m not planning on doing that.

For those who do watch your stats, have you ever had a huge spike like this? What was the reason? How long did it take before it leveled out? Did your numbers fall back to normal or did you get some increase in your regular, daily traffic once everything calmed down?


  1. I once reviewed a popular book close to the release date and I noticed more people visited my blog simply because they where looking for reviews of that book.
    I usually have spikes in both visitors and commentors on sunday, because of my Sunday Post. I link up that post on the host her blog and I usually spend a fair amount of time blog commenting myself. Which both lead to more trafic and more comments.

    I don’t like to spoil things in my reviews, but on the other hand I can understand the urge to talk somewhere about the actual content of the book.
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Ramblings: The Bookish Seven Deadly Sins TagMy Profile

    • I get spikes on meme days too (Top Ten Tuesday is a usually a good one, when I do it), but nothing like this! I don’t review many popular books before or near the release date because I don’t get the “big” ARCs and I’m always so far behind on my reading that I don’t get to the new releases for quite awhile. I’ll still be reading releases from three months earlier. I can see how that would get you a lot of hits though.
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  2. I hate maths, but nearly not as much as it hates me. Yet, I’m obssessed with my stats. I feel like if I have poor stats it’s because my posts/writing suck. Apart from stating that they don’t care about numbers, people also say that they don’t give much thought to them because they write their blog for themselves for the most part. I believe otherwise. I do write the blog for others as much as for myself. If nobody visits my blog it’s like I’m talking to myself. Which is kind of awkward.
    Cassidie Jhones recently posted…The Maze Runner Pre-Movie Sum UpMy Profile

    • Especially if you’re doing it in public! I think it’s fine to write your blog for yourself, but if you didn’t care at all whether people read it or not, you wouldn’t go to the trouble of actually creating a blog and putting it on the internet. You’d maybe post your reviews on Goodreads or Amazon.
      Jenna recently posted…Weekly Rewind: September 14-20My Profile

  3. I try hard NOT to include spoilers in my review, but sometimes that is difficult to do without making a bland “I read the book and liked it” kind of post.

    I don’t follow my stats much for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t have any kind of stats counter other than the built in blogger stats. And with those, for awhile I was getting a HUGE number of hits, but it turned out those were all ‘referred’ from spambot sites. I still don’t really understand how that all works; just that they weren’t measuring legitimate visits. So I quit looking. Lately I think most of the hits I get, while not nearly as many, are ‘real’. I don’t care so much about the numbers, but I do like to see where the hits are coming from.
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    • Yeah, I don’t think Blogger’s stats are very accurate. I started using Google Analytics pretty early on when I was still on Blogger, but even then I noticed a big difference in my stats when I switched. GA doesn’t seem to count the spambots, which is good. Blogger was a lot better at blocking the spam though.

      I think it would be so much easier to write reviews with spoilers. Sometimes it’s hard to talk around them.
      Jenna recently posted…Weekly Rewind: September 14-20My Profile

  4. I’m kinda torn on reviews with spoilers. On the one hand I know people don’t want to be spoiled, generally, but on the other hand I do at times want to write more in depth reviews or talk about actual events i.e. spoilers. 🙂 So my reviews are generally spoiler free but I’ve thought about changing that. Maybe the answer is to keep the reviews spoiler- free and do a discussion post (with spoiler warning) if I want to talk more in depth about a book. I don’t know…
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  5. I love stats! I stalk my analytics too. I got huge spikes when I published my review of Allegiant and my review of Requiem. They lasted about 1-2 months each.

    I always include spoilers if I want to, but they’re always hidden in spoiler tags so people who don’t want spoilers can read the reviews too.

    I think it’s perfectly fine to post reviews with spoilers as long as you’re clear about having them!
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