Discussion: A Very Bookish Problem

So I bought this purse a few months ago.

the blue purse

Not really cute, but blue is my favorite color so I like it and it’s roomy. There’s space for my wallet, Kindle, paperback, granola bar, gift card wallet, keys, and various other small items like pens.

roomy blue purse

Then this happened:

dying blue purse

It’s dying! Held together by mere threads!

Now, I carried around a purse that had a strap held together with tape for over a year, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix that. I’m the type of person who needs a shoulder strap on my purse. I can’t carry it over my arm or tuck it under my arm. I’ll lose it. I didn’t feel like going to the store and spending all that time looking for a new one, so I decided to order one online from the comfort of my home. Kohl’s was having a sale (Kohl’s is always having a sale) and I had a 30% coupon and I think I earned some Kohl’s cash when I bought some fall tops and this new purse.

gray purse

The gray is not as pretty as the blue, but it’s not bad. I like the outside zip pockets. But…

tiny gray purse

IT’S TOO SMALL! Look at that! I can barely fit my wallet and my Kindle in there. I don’t even know if I have room for my keys. Gift card wallet? You’re staying home. Paperback? Forget it. It’s a good thing I don’t have a cell phone because it wouldn’t be fitting in there.

I used my ruler! I measured! Why is it so small?

I’m going to Target to look for a new new purse tomorrow.



  1. Aww that sucks! That first purse is so cute. I am like you, I have to have a shoulder strap on my purse in order to wear it and I like mine large to fit my books. I’d be pretty upset with that one too. That is the one issue with ordering things online, they never seem quite what you think they would be. XP I hope you find a new purse that works for you!
    Asti @ Oh, the Books! recently posted…Adventures in Co-Blogging: The Fears of Co-BloggingMy Profile

  2. I had this exact same problem! I needed to buy a new purse when my perfectly sized one started dying, but I ended up returning the one that was too small since I tried moving everything over right there in the mall and couldn’t even fit my kindle D: My new one is one of those basically shapeless ones though, so it fits a lot, but it doesn’t keep things organized *sigh* I will continue to hunt for the perfect book purse though!
    Anya recently posted…Spoils, Tribute, and Planning to PillageMy Profile

  3. I hate when that happens! I’m not one to change purses frequently. I like to get one a like and stick with it. But it is always hard to have to adjust to a replacement.
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  4. That sucks about your purses. ): I love purses that can fit at least a book and my ereader, but as long as it can fit my ereader then I’m happy. Whenever I go purse shopping I make sure to take my ereader with me so that I can take it out and see if the ereader fits into the purse. I hope you were able to return the purse.
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    • I decided to keep the small one in case I need a small purse for some reason. Sometimes I’ll go somewhere and don’t want to haul everything around with me. My new big purse definitely has room for everything I want to carry. In fact, I could fit a lot more stuff in there!
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  5. Those are such cute purses, but boo for them being too worn out or too small for your lovely books. 🙁 I used to like small purses because I didn’t like feeling like I had a big bag attached to me. I don’t really bring books out with me because I usually read at home. Any “on-the-go” reading for me is through an audiobook.

    Now though, I like my big purse. I could easily fit a book or two in there, and it’s a shoulder bag so I can keep my hands free. 😀
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