Middle Grade Madness

Finding a name for a feature is haaaaaard! I recently decided to start reviewing more middle grade books. I wanted to make them stand out a little, so I thought I would come up with a catchy title to group them.

Here were my best ideas:
Middle Grade Mondays
Middle Grade Mania
Mad for Middle Grade

Taken. Taken. Taken.

Middle Grade Madness

I finally settled on Middle Grade Madness. Technically there are Google hits for it: a group on BookLikes, a Pinterest board, a bunch of posts related to Middle Grade March Madness. I didn’t go past the first couple of pages because the hits started getting away from books and book blogs and into teaching, so hopefully I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes. There didn’t seem to be anything recurring or recent. My other option was Middle Grade Midweek Reviews, which is not a very good title at all.

Starting today, Middle Grade Madness will be alternating Thursdays with Throwback Thursday: Retro Reads, which I am bringing back from hiatus. I might occasionally have other types of posts related to middle grade books, but for now I’m concentrating on reviews. I have gone back and retagged my older middle grade reviews with the middle grade madness tag, but my first official Middle Grade Madness review will be up in just a minute!


  1. Looking forward to reading some of your Middle Grade reviews. I usually only read a few MG books in a year, but I do occasionaly enjoy them, I still have two MG books I at least plan to read this year. And I like the name Middle Grade Madness for this feature :).
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