Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV Shows


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Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

The X-Files Legend of the Seeker Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The X-Files is my favorite show ever. It was my first fandom. I was just a lurker, but I spent a lot of time reading massive amounts of fan fiction. Almost all Mulder/Scully, of course! Favorite episodes: Eve and Ice, both from the first season.

I was a little more involved with Legend of the Seeker fandom, but it’s hard to find your place in fandom if you’re not a writer or good with graphics. I had fun, though. Seeker fandom is probably the most fun fandom I’ve ever been part of. It didn’t take itself as seriously as some other fandoms. That makes sense because the show was fun and silly, too. Favorite episodes: Prophecy, Denna, and Torn

Unfortunately, I never got involved in Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom at all. I was busy with other fandoms and I couldn’t get into the few Buffy fics I tried to read. I loved the show though, and I’m considering doing a rewatch soon. I’ll probably skip season four, my least favorite. Favorite episodes: Prophecy Girl and Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

My So-Called Life Freaks and Geeks

My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks both capture the high school experience, one set in the early 1990s and the other in the early 1980s. Both were realistic and unfraid to show the painful parts of growing up. YA fans should give these shows a chance!

Favorite MSCL episodes: Pilot and Weekend
Favorite F&G episodes: Tricks and Treats and Kim Kelley is My Friend

Prison Break Gilmore Girls

Prison Break was a good fandom, with probably the best fan fiction I’ve read. There was a lot of drama, though, especially when Sarah Wayne Callies left the show after the second season. Michael/Sara was the only reason I was watching at that point, so I actually stopped watching and only went back and caught up when her return was announced. The show had gone down a bad path by that time, and the fandom never recovered either. To this day I refuse to acknowldege the existence of the series finale movie. I have not ever watched it and I never will. Favorite episodes: Riots, Drills, and the Devil and The Key

I was very involved in Gilmore Girls fandom and I still have friends from that fandom today. It was a struggle at times because fandom was overwhelmingly supportive of first Rory/Tristin and then Rory/Jess. I didn’t like Tristin or (especially) Jess, preferring Dean, at least first season Dean. At least I picked the right couple out of Lorelai/Luke, Lorelai/Chris, Lorelai/Max though! The best parts of the show were always the family parts anyway. Favorite episodes: Rory’s Birthday Parties and Presenting Lorelai Gilmore

The Cosby Show Home Improvement Roseanne

The Cosby Show, Home Improvement, and Roseanne

I watch these shows in reruns whenever I see them. I’m not sure if Home Improvement is currently running on any of the channels I get, but I love the Halloween episodes. Roseanne’s Halloween episodes were great too.

Favorite Cosby Show episodes: The Slumber Party and Vanessa’s Bad Grade
Favorite Roseanne episodes: Brain-Dead Poets Society and Darlene Fades to Black



  1. The first fan fic I ever read was an X-Files one in which Scully spends a lot of time moping about not having her own desk and then gets abducted by aliens again, and Mulder spends forever searching for her, and when he eventually finds her and she comes back to work, there’s a desk waiting for her. It was simultaneously terrible and amazing. Needless to say, I loved The X-Files too, although I wasn’t active in the fandom.
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  2. It’s pathetic that the only shows I watch from your list are the last three (the older comedies mind you!) Great list though 🙂

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  3. Great list! I loved Freaks and Geeks too! I’m so glad that it’s on Netflix now!

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  4. I loved Buffy! 🙂 I have genuinely never watched any of the other shows. freaks and Geeks is supposed to me amazing! Thanks for sharing my dear & great list! 😀 xxx
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  5. I used to watch Home Improvement with my grandpa every day after school. Such a funny show!
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  6. Ashley Norris says:

    I love Gilmore Girls too! It’s such a great show!

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