Discussion: Podcasts (Part 3) – Orange is the New Black

This is the third post in my podcast series. I posted my Walking Dead podcast post on February 11 and my Game of Thrones podcast post on April 8.

The second season of Orange is the New Black hit Netflix today! I know how I’ll be spending my Friday night…

I only discovered Orange is the New Black in May, so the details of season one are pretty fresh in my mind. Of course, being a podcast fan, it was only natural for me to seek out Orange is the New Black as soon as I realized I was in love with the show. Unfortunately, the selection is limited.

I found several episodes from general TV/pop culture podcasts that covered the OITNB series in a segment or a single episode of their podcast, but very few multiple episode podcasts specifically for OITNB. Maybe it’s because Netflix dumps all the episodes at once? I don’t know, but I’m hoping for something like Bald Move’s House of Cards podcast where Jim and A.Ron marathoned the episodes and then did a podcast marathon too. It’s not that I expect people to devote their weekend to OITNB, but I want more than one episode covering an entire season.

There are a few multiple-episode OITNB podcasts though:

01. AfterBuzz TV – I’ve noticed that there are AfterBuzz podcasts for other shows I watch, but I’ve always avoided them so far. I’d rather listen to and support fan-run podcasts, not corporate podcasts, but like I said, OITNB podcasts are scarce.

BEWARE: One of the hosts is constantly spoiling future events! I hope she doesn’t return for the second season because it got really annoying as I was listening to the first season podcast episodes. She would say something happened in the episode they were covering and the other hosts, who either had not seen all the episodes or were better at pretending, would get confused. And then it would happen again the next episode. Or she would speculate for the second season, when we were only one episode five, so we knew whatever she was talking about wasn’t going to be resolved in the first season. NOT COOL.

There are a bunch of reviews on iTunes from other people who got spoiled. I hope AfterBuzz is paying attention. I’m pretty sure the AfterBuzz podcasters get paid, unlike the fan-run podcasts where they might just get some sponsor money from Audible, and there’s no excuse for spoilers.

Spoilers aside, AfterBuzz has the best Orange is the New Black podcast. The hosts are knowledgeable, they’re comfortable behind the microphone, they work well together, and they even had a special guest from the cast sit in on a couple of episodes.

02. Orange is the New Black Podcast @ Southgate Media Group – This podcast is from a husband and wife, Chris and Cheryl. For some reason they stopped podcasting after the eighth episode, so I don’t know if they’re even coming back for the second season. They can be loose with the spoilers, too, but more in a hinting way than straight out saying what’s going to happen. I’m pretty laid back, so it was exhausting to me to listen to Cheryl get outraged over various issues when all I really wanted to hear about was the show. Still, with limited options for OITNB podcasts, I wish they had finished out the season.

Update June 7: I just downloaded the first podcast episode for the second season and there’s a new set of hosts for the Southgate Media Group. I haven’t listened to them yet.

03. OITNB Podcast @ UberWanky Show is a new podcast with a lot of potential. Its biggest problem is that each podcast episode is super short, less than 15 minutes. Even their wrap-up of the entire first season was only 17 minutes. I’m used to podcasts that go a lot more in depth, and while 2 hours isn’t always necessary, I feel like they can’t cover the show in 12-15 minutes either. Their recaps and commentary of the first season skipped a lot of details that ended up being important later — and they had the benefit of podcasting after the season had ended so they knew those details would come back into play. Still, I have hopes that they will flesh things out more in the second season.


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