Discussion: Podcasts (Part 2) – Game of Thrones

This is the second post in my podcast series. I posted my Walking Dead podcast post on February 11.

The Walking Dead has finished for the season and Game of Thrones has begun! Some of my Walking Dead podcasts have promised to post sporadically during this offseason, but for the next couple of months, I’m mainly going to be listening to Game of Thrones podcasts. Here are a few of my favorites:

01. Bjork Brothers – Nate and Levi Bjork are usually joined by Levi’s wife Natalie. I think she adds a lot to the conversation, and I really like that Nate and Levi are brothers who, of course, have known each other all their lives. A lot of the podcasters I listen to are friends, but having brothers podcasting together brings a new element to it. Occasionally due to travel or technical difficulties, Nate will do a podcast on his own, but I really prefer it when all three are together. All three have read the books and they do talk about them, but the main focus is on the TV show.

02. The Gods of Tits and Wine at Baldmove – Bald Move’s Night Watch podcast that I’ve been listening to for the past three seasons has ended and one of the hosts, A. Ron, is beginning a new podcast with his partner from his Walking Dead podcast, Jim. I’ll miss Mad Brew, but I’m familiar with and like Jim from the Walking Dead podcast and I’m interested to hear his opinions on Game of Thrones. He, like Mad Brew (and me!), hasn’t read the books, so it’s good to see that point of view will still be represented. It’s lacking in a lot of podcasts. At the end of each podcast, A. Ron goes it alone in a spoiler section that talks more about the books. In the past I’ve always listened to this part (I do this with his Walking Dead podcast too), but I think this year I’m going to skip the spoilers and stop listening at that point.

03. I’ve just started listening to A Cast of Kings, another podcast that has one host who’s read the books and one who hasn’t.

(I mention this again because one of the first podcasts I listened to had a group of people who had all read the books, and I felt like they looked down on the people who didn’t. They kept making comments like, “LOL I wonder what the non-readers think!” and hinting at spoilers that would shock those of us who haven’t read the books, and even then I thought that if they wanted to know what a non-reader thinks, they should go find one and add that person as another podcast host, give a different perspective. It’s not so much what they said, but how they said it. I dumped that podcast pretty quickly, for that reason and because I just didn’t care for the personalities of the hosts. Sometimes people take themselves too seriously.)

Anyway, I have only listened to one episode to A Cast of Kings so I don’t know if the host who has read the books has this problem, but I like what I’ve heard so far. I’m pretty sure they said this will be a completely spoiler-free podcast.

There are also Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire podcasts that cover just the books and others that discuss both. I’ve chosen the ones I have because they concentrate on the show and don’t go too much into the books. I don’t mind mentions of the books or the hosts telling how a certain scene was different in the books than in the show, but I don’t want spoilers for future events or even possible future events mixed throughout.

I’ve decided that I want to listen to a few more, so I’ve subscribed to some others in iTunes and will start listening with this week’s episodes. I don’t yet know if any of these will work out. If so, I’ll probably do an update post including the new ones that I decide to keep. I’ve found the Game of Thrones podcasts to be the most beneficial to me because I have a hard time keeping track of all of the many, many characters. Half of them look exactly alike to me! Sometimes I get confused when I watch the show, so it’s helpful to have these podcasts explaining what happened and who was involved.


  1. I have not listened to any GoT podcasts, so this is all new to me but it sounds like a fun way to get some thoughts and insight into the show. It’s always fun to see what other people think… I’ve read all the books and I still get surprised when I’m on this or that website and see this theory or that tidbit that I never knew. So much out there… anyway great post, I’ll check some of these podcasts out…
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    • I hope you find some you like. There are podcasts for a lot of different shows. The Bald Move guys have quit their jobs and are giving podcasting full-time a try.

      You might be more interested in some of the ones that discuss the books more. I’ve heard that A Podcast of Ice and Fire is good. You can probably find it on iTunes.
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  2. I love podcasts, they’re so convienent. Especially on the bus or something. However, I do have a confession… I haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones. I need to get on this bandwagon, ASAP!
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    • I love them too, and I’m really glad I found out about them. They don’t work for every show, and of course some hosts are better than others, but I love it when I find a good one. I’m trying to branch out and listen to some on different topics (other than TV) too.

      I had a really hard time getting into Game of Thrones at the beginning, and even as recently as last season I was putting off watching them and let them sit on my DVR for months. I think I finally finished the season in November? Now that I have all my podcast subscriptions set in iTunes, I’m hoping I can keep up with it this season. It’s only 10 episodes! I should be able to manage that.
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