Discussion: I went to a bookstore!

And I bought a book!

I know! That shouldn’t be a surprise, since this is a book blog, but it is. Before today, I hadn’t been to a bookstore in well over a year. I buy most books for my Kindle and most others online, usually from Amazon. But Barnes & Noble has been emailing me a lot of coupons, so I decided to use one today. My only stipulations were that I was getting only ONE book and that it had to be paperback. I don’t like hardcovers (and I hate dust jackets!) and I don’t like their prices either.

Some Nights by Fun. was playing in the parking lot as I made my way in. That song always reminds me of a fan reaction video to Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. That put me in a good mood right away. The store was busy, busier than I’ve seen it at any time other than Christmas. Today was Good Friday and a lot of schools here had the day off. (Most schools in my area don’t get a spring break, just a few days off surrounding Easter weekend.)

The YA section has moved since the last time I was there. Christian fiction is in its old spot. There’s a huge circular walled Nook area in the middle of the store. YA is behind that.

There was a girl with her mother one of the aisles. I wanted the girl to buy Fangirl, but she didn’t. At least she didn’t buy Hollow City, another book she was considering. (I haven’t read Hollow City, but Miss Peregrine was a DNF for me.) I didn’t see which two books she did have in her hands as she followed her mother to another area.

Deciding ahead of time to only buy a paperback really cut down on the selection. I narrowed it down to Six Months Later and My Life with the Walter Boys. The Walter Boys has been on my TBR for a few weeks; Six Months Later was a new title to me. Which to choose? I circled around again to the new releases side of the shelf and saw The Summer I Wasn’t Me. Sold! I put the other two back in their places and marched around the circular Nook area, cut down a history aisle (where a woman was muttering “I’m going to need some help!”), kept going past the bargain book area, squeezed between two tables of junk, and got in line behind an older couple to buy my book.

Then I came home and bought Six Months Later, the Walter Boys, and two more books for my Kindle.

Do you go to bookstores a lot or do you buy more books online?


  1. If I was in your situation, The Summer I Wasn’t Me totally would’ve sold me as well haha! Like you, I don’t go to bookstores that often either. I either get them as e-books, go to the library or I try to get through my review copies. Since e-books are cheaper, I don’t think I’ll be going to bookstores until I have more money! Even so, books online are way cheaper than they are in Australia.
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  2. I definitely buy a majority of my books online because it’s much cheaper (we have a high tax rate on books which are factored into local prices *sigh*), but I also buy some books in store. The bookstores here are super tiny compared to the giant ones in the USA (and when I was in the USA last, I bought a LOT of books and had to send myself a few boxes in the mail lol) I’m sure if I lived over there, I’d be visiting bookstores more often 😉

  3. I usually buy most of my books from charity shops, online or my local supermarket unfortunately. I do try to go to the book store at least once every couple of months. But they are so expensive. I live in the UK so books are not that expensive but why would I pay £12.00 for something when I can pay £5.00 online with free one day delivery! :’)

    Thanks for sharing and great post! 🙂
    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

    Ps I love the new theme!
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  4. I go to a bookstore probably weekly, I’m a Barnes & Noble rat :). I can spend hours… whoever let them put cafes and coffee in those places? Just makes it worse LOL. And I buy too many books there, but I also buy online cause it’s cheaper obviously. In fact we were just there Sat night…

    Great post!
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  5. I think most of my books are ebooks and generally bought online. Although I enjoy going to the bookstore, especially when sometimes the book I want to read would be cheaper to purchase in print. That’s been happening more often actually. I don’t really like buying physical books online, mainly because I’m extremely picky. I like my books to be in perfect condition. Although, if no bookstore has it or if the price is cheaper online I’d just buy it online. So I guess I just do both.
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