Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Seven Reasons I Love Being A Blogger

01. This is going to sound weird and I’m not going to word it very well, but I like doing things where I can that I’ve accomplished something. Like, I like mowing the lawn in the summer because I like seeing all the pretty straight lines of short grass where I’ve already been. With my blog, I see my post count going up. I see scheduled posts on my editorial calendar. I did that!

02. Since I started blogging, I’ve been exposed to so many more books and authors than I knew about previously. Not only am I reading indie authors (I never did before), I’m finding out about a lot more traditionally published books that I would have missed. In the past, I would sometimes stumble over new authors, but I really did stick mainly to the ones I knew or I read about in articles or saw advertised somewhere. Now I find new books and new authors every week. I read more and I read more of a variety than I did before.

03. This goes along with #2. I never read reviews before I started blogging. I skipped them on Amazon; I skipped them on Goodreads. Now that I’m blogging, I read other bloggers’ reviews and I can make informed choices on what books to read. That doesn’t mean I like every book I read, especially since I’m opening up to different genres, but I have more information than just the synopsis.

04. I like sharing what I’ve read with my blog visitors. Maybe my reviews even help some of them decide to pick up a certain book.

05. Comments! I love receiving comments on my blog. I’m not always good at answering them, but I try. I get there eventually.

06. I’m not very involved in the community myself (other than visiting and commenting), but the book blogging community as a whole seems like a lot of fun. I didn’t participate in the Love-a-thon this past weekend (because I was unaware of it until it was halfway over), but I liked reading everybody’s tweets and posts. Next year maybe I’ll participate too.

07. Free books. Yeah, I said it. I like getting ARCs. It’s not the number one reason to blog, but it’s a perk.



  1. You are right about feeling accomplished. I know that people can feel that at school or work but that is kind of required. Blogging though is something we all do for fun. So I think that makes us enjoy what we get done even more.

    I never really read reviews before blogging either. SOMETIMES I would read them on goodreads. The only reason I even discovered book blogs was because I would google discussion questions for my goodreads groups and then come across blogs. So fun!

    I missed the Loveathon too. I didn’t know about it but looked like everyone had such a good time!! I can’t miss it next year.

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    • I discovered book blogs because I kept seeing people link them farther down the page in the Goodreads reviews that I wasn’t reviewing. I was kind of aware that they existed earlier, but I had no idea there were so many of them.
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  2. Great picks 🙂 Free books are amazing <3 I have found so many new books since I started reading, yes my TBR list is now in the thousands but I love it that way 😉 My TTT
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  3. Yes to the reading reviews part. I already read a lot, but now that I make it double count–posting about it too–I want to read things that feel worth my time. I enjoy the accomplished feeling you mentioned as well. 🙂