Review: Camp Kiss by JK Rock

Camp Kiss by JK Rock

Lauren Carlson, a fourteen-year-old expert on the cosmos, superheroes, and science fiction trivia has a crush on her longtime camp friend, Seth. Last summer she’d dreamed about upgrading their relationship to BF/GF status and this year she has a plan… if only her well-meaning cabin mates wouldn’t interfere before she’s ready. She hasn’t even adjusted to her new braces yet, let alone imagined kissing Seth with them. When a dare pushes her out of her comfort zone, will she and Seth rocket out of the friendzone at last? There’s only one way to find out…

Camp Kiss is a novella prequel to Camp Boyfriend, the first book in a series about Camp Juniper Point and the kids who attend it every summer.

I expected to like Camp Kiss a lot more than I did. I never went to summer camp, but I love the idea of camp and I’m always interested in books about camp. It’s a cute look into the world of camp and first romances (and first kisses!) and all the uncertainty that goes along with it.

When her friends at summer camp find out that Lauren’s the only one among them not to have experienced a first kiss, they dare her to kiss her crush Seth. Decked out in glasses and braces, Lauren isn’t sure Seth wants to kiss her, but she sets out to fulfill her dare.

Lauren’s interest in science is a nice touch, but it doesn’t maker her stand out as a particularly great or unique character to me. I didn’t ever really get what she sees in Seth — or what he sees in her. She’s a little too serious for me and it seems like she cares for Seth mainly because she wants to comfort the lost little boy inside of him. Seth was abandoned by his mother at a young age, a fact that Lauren brings up constantly (or so it seems). She’s always assuring him that she won’t do that to him, even when he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Coming at the story from an older perspective, I kept thinking, “You’re 14…”

There’s something else odd, in that Seth wants to keep their relationship private. To me that just screams that he’s either embarrassed to be “going out” with her or he’s cheating on someone else. Lauren doesn’t like it either, but she agrees to it. Stand up for yourself, Lauren. You deserve better.

After reading Camp Kiss, I still want to read Camp Boyfriend, but I’m not as excited about it as I once was. I’m hoping that the longer format of Camp Boyfriend will allow for more character depth. I liked the other characters and hope to see more of them, and I’m also interested in more detail about camp life.

3 stars



  1. Hi Jenna!! While we wish we dazzled you more with this prequel story, we’re so glad you’re going to give the series a try! We’re grateful for the blog spot and review, so *thank you* … that means a lot to newbie authors!!


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