Review + Giveaway: Blindness by Ginger Scott

Blindness by Ginger Scott

It takes a while to know who you really are. And when you lose your way, sometimes it’s hard to find it again.

Charlie Hudson was on the verge of figuring that out when her dad—the only parent and friend she ever had—died suddenly. She was barely 18, and she was alone. So she went for easy—playing life safe, running away from a home that harbored nothing but bad memories and challenges and loving a man who would take her away from it all forever.

It’s funny how chance takes over when you need it most. And that’s exactly what brought Cody Carmichael into her life. A former motocross super star, Cody was now happy to be living the blue collar life, spending his days finishing up school and his nights under the hood of some classic car, just trying to keep everything his father taught him alive. Cody and Charlie were living parallel lives, until they finally collided. And the moment he smiled at her, Charlie knew he was the one who would change everything. But was she willing to take the risk?

Cody saw through it all. He saw her—all of her. But would letting him in be too much to take? And if Charlie let herself love him—really love him—could he love her back?

I received Blindness from the author in exchange for an honest review. Ginger Scott is providing an e-copy of Blindness for one lucky winner. Keep reading for your chance to enter.

I have to apologize to Ginger Scott because I told her I would have this review posted on February 24, a day before its release. I really wanted to make that date, but I spent too much time watching the Olympics and not enough time reading over the past two weeks.

I admit, when I first saw the cover of Blindness, I was worried. With all the tattoos, plus the description of him being a former motocross superstar, I was afraid Cody might be a little rough around the edges for my tastes. As it turned out, I like Cody a lot. There’s more to Cody than his motocross past: he’s also an engineering student and Charlie’s calculus tutor.

Charlie has been through a lot in life, from living with the knowledge that her mother abandoned her to losing her father at 18. Now a talented architecture student with a promising internship, Charlie’s dating a law student with an interest in politics. When her roommate moves out and Charlie can’t afford their apartment on her own, she moves in with her boyfriend Trevor and his parents. Trevor soon moves to Washington, DC, to take a job, leaving Charlie behind with his parents, who ignore her for the most part.

It would have been easy to make Trevor a villain, to have him cheating on Charlie while he’s in DC, or for her to find out that he’s just using her. At times it seems like Blindness is going that way, but it’s a refreshing surprise to find out that it isn’t. He’s misguided at times, like when he gives away an item Charlie holds dear, and he isn’t the right man for Charlie. They don’t have the same life goals, but he’s not a bad guy. That’s why I had so much trouble accepting that Charlie cheats on him, emotionally at first, and then physically, throughout the book. Trevor is not his father and he deserves better.

Cody has some great friends, Jessie and Gabe, who become good friends to Charlie too. I would love to read more about Jessie and Gabe. Charlie needs friends, as she doesn’t seem to have any at all, other than Trevor, at the beginning of Blindness. Her friendship with Jessie, even more than her relationship with Cody, really lets her open up and learn to let people into her life.

Blindness is as much about Charlie finding herself and where she fits in the world as it is about her relationship with Cody. Charlie has a lot of unresolved issues from her past, and it’s not until near the end of the book, when she is on her own and working on her issues and moving forward with her life, that I really grew to like her. Up until then, she was making stupid, selfish choices that I couldn’t support. By the end, she grows up and matures and she’s ready for a real relationship with Cody that doesn’t involve sneaking around or hurting others.

4 stars

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  2. I hadn’t heard about this book yet. I don’t really like the cover, but the blurb sounds interesting. Great Review! And I am glad to hear there where some refreshing surprises and the book didn’t went the way you expected it to. Thanks for the giveaway!
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