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Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

I read soooo many new-to-me authors in 2013, and only part of that was because of book blogging. I had also started a debut author’s challenge on my own before I even thought of starting a blog and obviously all of those authors were new to me. For this TTT, I tried to pick authors I’ve read more than one time.

01. Ginger Scott – I liked both Waiting on the Sidelines and Going Long for the realistic characters. I can’t wait to read what Ginger Scott writes next.

02. Rachel HarrisMy Super Sweet Sixteenth Century and A Tale of Two Centuries made me like time travel. While I haven’t read any more time travel since those books, I’m now open to the idea if the right book comes along.

03. Rainbow Rowell – I didn’t love Eleanor & Park, but Fangirl was one of my favorite reads of 2013.

04. Cynthia HandUnearthly and Hallowed were the first angel books I’ve read. I can’t say that I’m going to seek out any more angel books after I finish this series, but like with time travel, I’m more open to the idea now.

05. Gwendolyn Heasley – I love books set in small towns, so I grabbed Where I Belong as soon as I discovered it. A Long Way From You was even better even though it was definitely not set in a small town.

06. Emmy Laybourne – I loved both Monument 14 and Sky on Fire. There’s so much action that unlike a lot of YA books I read, these would definitely appeal to boys.

07. Rhiannon Frater (adult) – My review of the As the World Dies series will be posted later this week. Another new topic for me: zombie books! I love The Walking Dead on TV (and have read a few of the comics since starting the show) but these were my first books. I’m definitely going to be reading more. In fact, I’ve even picked out my next set of zombie books.

08. Huntley Fitzpatrick – My Life Next Door was another of my favorite reads of 2013. I can’t wait for more from Huntley Fitzpatrick — especially that companion book to My Life Next Door that won’t be out until 2015.

09. Kiera Cass – While I like the girls in pretty dresses cover trend, I don’t actually like the dresses on the covers of The Selection and The Elite — and I don’t quite understand why the girl on the cover of The Selection is so blatantly smelling her armpit. That cover made me avoid the book for quite a long time, but once I picked it up, I loved it. I read The Elite immediately after finishing The Selection and now I’m waiting impatiently for The One.

10. Sarah Ockler – I read Bittersweet first and liked but didn’t love it. Then I picked up Fixing Delilah when I was desperate for a Vermont book for my 50 States of YA Challenge and it was so much better than I expected. I don’t know why, but the synopsis of the book just hadn’t grabbed me. I’m so glad I gave it a chance. I’m looking forward to reading more of Sarah Ockler’s books.



  1. Cynthia Hand would have made my list as well had I not started the Unearthly trilogy in 2012. Her books make me feel the same way about angels stories – while I may not seek them out, I now realize they an be enjoyable. Kiera Cass’s books are so much fun, and I cannot wait to see how the selection trilogy ends. The armpit thing bothers me too though… 🙂 I hope 2014 brings you as many great new authors as 2013 did!
    Emily @ Forever Literary recently posted…Top Ten New-to-Me Authors of 2013My Profile

  2. Ooooh so many great choices! I love Rainbow and I’m so glad you liked Emmy Laybourne’s books!! I feel like not a lot of people have “discovered” them and they’re really so great!
    I SUPER SUPER need to read My Life Next Door this year! MUST!!!
    Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – December 17, 2013: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors In 2013My Profile

  3. Nice list! & I agree. It was so difficult to figure out my list. Huntley Fitzpatrick also made my list! Can’t wait for her new read coming out next year. I really want to read the Selection series once The One comes out. I’ll probably binge read them all at once. I also need to read Rainbow Rowell. Find out what all the hype is about.
    Amy M. recently posted…Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

  4. Our lists were quite similar! Rainbow Rowell, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Kiera Cass, and Sarah Ockler all made it onto my list as well. 🙂
    Emma @ Spun With Words recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday 12.17.13My Profile

  5. Feel the same way about Cynthia Hand. After the Fallen series, I was afraid to touch another angel book :/ Thanks for stopping by my TTT and sorry for the delay — was out of town.
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