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Life of a Blogger

This is my second Life of a Blogger post this week because I didn’t discover the meme until Monday. Posts will go up on Thursdays from now on. Probably.

This week’s topic:

TV Shows

I watch a lot of TV. I posted about my fall TV schedule in September. Of those, what am I still watching?

Sunday: I never started The Hollow Crown because I decided I probably wouldn’t care. I’m still watching The Good Wife, Sister Wives, and The Walking Dead. SW and TWD are currently on hiatus but SW comes back at the end of the month and TWD will be back in February. I gave up on The Witches of East End about ten minutes into the first episode. I usually, but not always, give a show at least one episodes. Some get more. This one only got ten minutes. I have added a new show called Breaking the Faith about girls escaping the polygamist lifestyle. It’s like Breaking Amish but with polygamists. And it’s reportedly just as fake as Breaking Amish. Still entertaining though, which is why I watch.

Monday: I’m five or six episodes behind on Sleepy Hollow but I’m still recording it. I don’t know if I like it, but I’m going to catch up over the next few weeks and then make a decision on whether to keep it when it comes back from its winter break. Teen Mom 3 ended and I’m not sure if it’s coming back, but if it does I will be watching. I dumped Hostages a few weeks ago after realizing that I didn’t care whether any of the characters ever got free.

Tuesday: 19 Kids and Counting is on hiatus already so I really don’t know what’s up with that. Their schedule is always weird though.

Wednesday: I’m still watching Nashville. Cheer Perfection is done (for the season? forever? I don’t know.) and Survivor ends this week. Survivor is one of those shows I watch but don’t pay super-close attention to anymore. I gave up on American Horror Story: Coven. I thought it would be better than last year, but it really wasn’t. I won’t be back for a fourth season.

Thursday: I was going to watch Degrassi and The Michael J Fox Show on Demand but they don’t have current Degrassi episodes up and I keep forgetting to go watch Michael J Fox. I did like what I saw of it though. I’m almost caught up with The Vampire Diaries, after a big push this past week. Just a few days ago I was watching episodes aired in March. Now I’m finishing up October’s shows! I’m getting annoyed with Parenthood but I’m still watching it and Grey’s Anatomy. Reign isn’t as good as I thought it would be. I should probably just drop it. I don’t really care about it.

Friday: Ghost Adventures isn’t airing new episodes right now (another short season, I guess). I’ve been recording Dracula but haven’t seen any of the episodes yet.

Other: I’ve been making an effort to clean off my DVR lately. In addition to The Vampire Diaries, I was really behind with Pretty Little Liars. I only have 6 more episodes to go. Then I’ll work on Falling Skies (7 episodes) and Game of Thrones (5 episodes). Plus, I just got the first season of Arrow on DVD for only $10 so I’ll be watching that soon too.



  1. Oh man Degrassi! I miss that show, they stopped showing it here in Australia a long time ago. I have been curious about watching The Walking Dead, I am a big zombie movie fan so I am thinking of taking the plunge and getting onto the bandwagon, just hope it lives up to the hype!
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    • I really like The Walking Dead, but it’s my first introduction to the zombie genre, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I even read some of the comics after I started watching the show, and I’ve read a few zombie books lately too.

      Degrassi has been on a channel I didn’t get for the longest time, so I wasn’t able to watch it except on Netflix or DVD. I finally got that channel last winter, caught up, and now I can’t watch it because I’m watching other things at the same time. I know it will show up on demand eventually. It better!

      I’m waiting for the final season of Dance Academy. It’s on that same channel, but they haven’t started the new season yet. They have a few Australian shows on that channel but I haven’t seen the others.
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  2. Sleepy Hollow has really been getting a lot of attention. I haven’t started watching it because I didn’t think I had time to get into a new show, but now I’m wondering if I should have. I’d be curious to know what you end up thinking of it when you’ve caught up.
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  3. Reading this post made me a little nostalgic for when I watched TV shows every week with my little sister. Since college, I’ve not had cable and instead watch shows on Netflix. It’s a lot of fun too, but I kind of miss the ritual of watching every week and the waiting for the next episode.
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  4. I don’t watch any of those (which isn’t saying much since I don’t watch much TV), but I do really want to try Arrow and American Horror Story. I just haven’t had the time (or motivation) to get around to it =/

    I too started Sleepy Hollow but never finished. I probably won’t catch up, because while I enjoyed it, I didn’t LOVE it. I just don’t have the time to watch shows unless they’re epic!

    Thanks for participating 🙂
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