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Are there any book to movie adaptations where you think the movie is better than the book?


The Fellowship of the Ring movie The Two Towers movie The Return of the King movie


The Fellowship of the Ring book The Two Towers book The Return of the King book

TV Show

Legend of the Seeker season 1 Legend of the Seeker season 2

Sword of Truth 01 Sword of Truth 02 Sword of Truth 02 Sword of Truth 04 Sword of Truth 05 Sword of Truth 06 Sword of Truth 07 Sword of Truth 08 Sword of Truth 09 Sword of Truth 10 Sword of Truth 11 Sword of Truth 12 Sword of Truth 13

I’m not really a fan of high fantasy in books. It’s just not my genre. I couldn’t get into the Lord of the Rings books at all. I think I made it ten pages in and that was a real struggle. I only managed the first two Sword of Truth books because I listened to the audiobooks. I intended to listen to the rest, but my heart just wasn’t into it. But I LOVED the Lord of the Rings movies and Legend of the Seeker is one of my favorite TV shows ever. Just writing this post makes me want to watch the movies and both seasons of the show RIGHT NOW! Only I can’t, because I have to go to work. But I want to!



  1. I liked Lord of the Rings movie version also because I haven’t read the books. I am like you I am not a huge high fantasy reader but the movies or shows are cool. I haven’t watched Legend of the Seeker, but it looks cool.

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  2. Lord of the Rings was on my list too. old follower. happy Friday
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  4. I really liked the LoTR movies as well, but haven’t read the books yet. They’re on my shelf, but I’m afraid that i won’t be able to get into them as much!

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  5. Hopping through. I’ve never heard of Legend of the Seeker. What channel was it on?
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    • It was syndicated so it depended on what affiliate in your area picked it up. It usually aired on weekends, in the afternoon in some areas and late at night/early morning/overnight in others. It’s on DVD if you’re interested, or maybe Netflix has it.
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  6. Wow. As a huge Sword of Truth fan it’s hard to believe anyone liked the tv show. I watched part of the first season and was so annoyed that everything was completely different than the books I never watched it again. Funny thing is I can’t really get into fantasy anymore so even through Terry Goodkind wrote new books to go with the series I haven’t read any of them. New follower. My FF
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    • Lots of people liked the show, just not enough to keep it on the air more than two seasons. The fandom was small but active at the time. Some of them were book fans and some (like me) were not.

      I hate it when my reading tastes change and I can’t get into a series I was following after a period of time.
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  7. OMG, I am so happy someone said Legend of the Seeker (Even though it’s a TV show). I really liked the show like a fan girl. I loved that it was a little hokey (like Hercules and Xena). But still had the mood of a high fantasy series.

    Great choices.

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    • I really miss it! Someone on Livejournal mentioned to me that she was watching some episodes recently and it made me think about it again. I never got into Hercules, but I did like Xena when it was on.
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  8. I love, love, love the LOTRs but I couldn’t pick it as I haven’t read the books, couldn’t say if the books were better but I’m pretty confident they are. The movies are so amazing! Old follower. My F&FF.

  9. I definitely haven’t read The Lord of The Rings but I really liked the movies. Awesome choice this week 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you back and added your blog to my reader!

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  10. I have not read the Lord of the Rings yet but I have seen the movies and I loved them! I thought they were really well done and I ended up buying the extended edition blue ray. I don’t know about the second books I’ve never actually seen them or heard anything about them. But I have to say that the books are almost always better then the movies!
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  11. I was always a big fan of the LOTR movies as a kid but never bothered to pick up the books. They did such an outstanding job on the movies that I felt like I never needed to!

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  12. I love the LOTR movies! I’m planning on reading the books someday, but I think it’s likely I’ll have a hard time getting into them. Those movies are visually stunning – love them! I haven’t read any of the Sword of Truth novels – the covers put me off, but the show looks good.

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    • I had never heard of Terry Goodkind until the show started, so I started listening to the audiobooks later. I think it was after the show had ended. I agree, the covers aren’t the best. They never would have made me pick up the books, if I was in that section in the bookstore in the first place (unlikely).
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