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Feature & Follow Friday: Thanksgiving Food

Feature & Follow is a weekly blog hop hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Day food? If you’re not American or Canadian, what is your favorite holiday food? Not book related, but okay. My favorite food that I make on Thanksgiving is cornbread. I make my own (none of that Jiffy crap) in a cast iron cornbread pan. This year we didn’t really do Thanksgiving because I had a 12 hour shift and by the {Read More}

Happy Thanksgiving!

Review: Deep Green by Trisha Haddad

Leah Taylor prefers the quiet adventure and romance of books, but during a cruise with her parents, a terrorist attack leaves her adrift in a lifeboat with strangers. University student Blue McCree impresses her immediately with his knowledge of literature and philosophy, but equally thrilling is strong, dark Musir. While Musir is slow to speak, translating his thoughts from Arabic to English, his chivalry and wisdom capture Leah’s curiosity. Together they face danger after danger as they fight for survival. {Read More}

Weekly Rewind: November 17 – 23

The Weekly Rewind is my version of The Sunday Post hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I’ve been sick this week, nothing serious but enough that I haven’t wanted to be online or do much of anything. I hate Puffs with Lotion, but I’ve moved into the phase where I wish I had some. My nose is sore! I plan to rest up today because I have to go back to work tomorrow. With Thanksgiving coming up this week, {Read More}

Review: North Pole Reform School by Jaimie Admans

Mistletoe Bell hates Christmas. So would you if you had a name like hers. Her Christmas-mad parents make the festive season last all year, and with another Christmas looming, Mis doesn’t think she can take any more. After her carelessness causes an accident at school, it seems like things can’t get any worse. Then she wakes up to find The Ghost of Christmases Ruined in her bedroom. She is taken to the North Pole, to a reform school run by {Read More}

Top Ten Tuesday: Dystopian Book Recs

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Top Ten Nine Books/Series I’d Recommend To Someone Wanting to Read Dystopians I’m not really very good at giving book recommendations. The people I recommend books to tend not to like the ones I’ve recommended, so I’ve kind of stopped doing that. I tried again recently and, sure enough, the person didn’t like it.    01. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – Everyone knows this {Read More}

Weekly Rewind: November 10 – 16

The Weekly Rewind is my version of The Sunday Post hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. We’re under a tornado watch right now and it’s super windy (and warm!) outside. This is bad news because we have a friend coming over to look at our roof this afternoon. He’s probably going to have to cancel or risk being blown off the roof. I am doing not doing well in the COYER challenge. I’ve only read one book from my {Read More}

Cover Refresh: Waiting on the Sidelines

I’ve never done a cover reveal before — and don’t have plans to start doing them on a regular basis — but Waiting on the Sidelines deserves the attention. Waiting on the Sidelines by Ginger Scott has a new cover! I liked the first one a lot, but I like this one even more. It still has the same feel to it but it also has some of the same coloring as its sequel Going Long. Check out my Waiting {Read More}

Feature & Follow Friday

Feature & Follow is a weekly blog hop hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. Are there any book to movie adaptations where you think the movie is better than the book? Movie    vs.    TV Show   vs.              I’m not really a fan of high fantasy in books. It’s just not my genre. I couldn’t get into the Lord of the Rings books at all. I think I made it ten pages in and that was a {Read More}

Discussion: Reviewing Audiobooks

I love audiobooks. Initially I didn’t think I would like them because I can’t just down sit and listen to an audiobook or even music. I feel like have to be doing something. One day, a few years ago, I decided to try listening to an audiobook while running. I run a lot, up to 10 miles a day, so that gives me plenty of listening time. I was instantly hooked and I started listening to the book every day. {Read More}