Review: The Missing Juliet: A Fisher Key Adventure

The Missing Juliet by Sam Cameron

Summer’s sizzling in the Florida Keys and Robin McGee should be planning for college. Instead, she’s passionately in love with beautiful movie starlet Juliet Francine. Too bad it’s a one-way crush shared by millions of others. Robin’s better off sticking to her summer job and fighting for the equal treatment of GLTBQ teens everywhere. But when Juliet is kidnapped from a film set in Key West, Robin turns amateur sleuth and recruits her friends to help in the search. Soon the FBI, police, and paparazzi are hot on the case as well. As time ticks down and the ransom notes grow dire, Robin will get just one chance to pull off a Hollywood happy ending—and maybe a shot at true love after all.

I received The Missing Juliet from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Missing Juliet is the third book in the Fisher Key Adventure series, a fact I wish I had known when I requested it. I didn’t realize it until after I had started reading The Missing Juliet. Robin kept referencing earlier events and I knew I was missing something. Goodreads doesn’t have much information on Sam Cameron, so I had to do a little digging and found Sam Cameron’s (seldom-used) blog and discovered the existence of the earlier books in the series.

You don’t have to read the first two books to know what’s going on in The Missing Juliet. I just like to read every series in order, whether the books can stand alone or not. I get a better feel of the characters that way. I like knowing the background.

As it is, it doesn’t matter. I don’t really care for the main character Robin. She seems more like a stereotype than a real person. She’s a lesbian vegan with a little sister who has Down Syndrome and she’s super concerned about various social issues. She reminds me a lot of Emma from Degrassi: The Next Generation or Dawn from The Babysitter’s Club (shut up!), always crusading for or against something. It’s exhausting. Fortunately, Robin’s causes are really only mentioned (repeatedly). She’s not shown actually out fighting for them, but merely gives lip service to them.

That’s because she’s too busy hanging around a movie set to solve the mystery of the kidnapping of Juliet Francine, former child star of Rhoda Dakota (hmmmm), lead actress of the movie, and Robin’s celebrity crush. Robin and her friend Sean sneak onto the set to meet Juliet and her costar Liam and are hiding in the bushes when filming halts: Juliet is missing — kidnapped, according to the note her sister Karen finds. For some reason, Karen almost immediately comes to the conclusion that this unknown teenager is her only real hope of finding her sister.

Velma, Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, DaphneThe mystery of what happened to Juliet is, frankly, silly, and Robin isn’t even a very good detective. The ending reminds me of a Scooby Doo cartoon, where all the information about what happened and why is finally revealed right before the credits roll. I was expecting an “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” I LIKE Scooby Doo, but I expect more from a book.

I don’t like the other characters any more than I like Robin. There are too many of them for me to care about and they’re not well-developed at all. A few of them (Robin’s friends) are carryovers from previous books and it’s possible that The Missing Juliet is the introduction to others who will be featured in later books. The only reason I would be interested in future books would be to check in on Robin’s romance with Molly.

I’m not sure why the cover shows three smiling girls in front of what appears to be an ocean. Robin doesn’t have any female friends and even though the book is set mainly in Key West, Florida, she never goes to the beach. She really doesn’t seem like she would be much fun to hang out with at all. She’s too dour and I imagine that she goes around scowling over all the injustices in the world, but never doing anything about them other than making Youtube videos.

I had high hopes for it, but The Missing Juliet just doesn’t work for me on any level.



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