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What are some of your favorite magazines?

I don’t really read magazines anymore. I used to have a few subscriptions but stopped them when I noticed them piling up unread. I eventually went through and finished reading the pile and recycled all the magazines.

Magazines I have loved in the past:

Highlights Teen Seventeen TV Guide Entertainment Weekly Smithsonian 

I used to read Highlights at the library when I was a kid, and our doctors’ and dentists’ offices often had them too. I loved Highlights. As I got older, I read a variety of teen magazines. Teen and Seventeen were my favorites. That issue of Teen is older than I am but I included it because of the hilarious cover blurb that reads:

Too Much Talent
Too Little Fun!
Why? Why? Why?

TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly aren’t really necessary anymore since all of that information is easily available online now, but I did read them regularly back in the day. TV Guide pretty much started sucking after they changed it from the smaller version to the regular magazine size. I still read them both when they put out their fall TV preview issues. It’s easier to have that information in one spot in front of me instead of having to visit different sites to read about all the shows.

Smithsonian and National Geographic always had interesting and in-depth articles about a variety of people, places, and cultures. If I were to subscribe to any of these magazines now, it would probably be one of those two.


  1. I love your blog header, it’s just so unbelievably cute!!! I don’t really read magazines, I haven’t bought one in years. If I have time to read than I am always going to choose a book!
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  3. Looks interesting.. Although I never been a fan of magazines. thanks for sharing with us.
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  4. That’s a great selection you’ve got there. A little bit of everything. If I had the choice of subscribing to one of these I’d probably pick the National Geographic aswell. I thought about getting a digital subscription, but money’s tight right now. So I need to prioritise and it’s not like I don’t have plenty of books to read.

    Cheers, Katarina 🙂

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    • I think National Geographic has some free content on their site. You have to a create an account but it says it’s free. Sometimes I like to pick up a few issues at used book sales. There’s one that I go to that always has a lot of them for only about 25 cents each. People donate the recent ones, too, so it’s not like you’re reading the old issues from the 1950s. Sometimes I see ones from just a year or two earlier.
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