Weekly Rewind: September 15 – 21


The Weekly Rewind is my version of The Sunday Post hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.


This week in my garden I have been battling squirrels and bees. The squirrels have been digging in my containers. They pulled up some of my peas, ate took a bite out of a low-hanging tomato and threw the remainder of it on the ground, and started digging in my spinach. I retaliated by placing two large, scary plastic owls next to the spinach and one of the planters of peas that they were digging in. I hung the garden hose over the deck railing next to the other pea planter, hoping that they will be scared that it will attack them.

On the first day, bees started swarming one of the owls. I do not know why. I don’t want to know why. Now I have to forge a plan of attack against the bees, or risk being stung when watering.


A few weeks ago I created a Pinterest and a Tumblr for my blog. I started using Pinterest, barely, but didn’t really do anything with Tumblr. This week I decided to start using Tumblr. Surprisingly, I’ve had quite a few hits from there. It’s a little extra work, but not much as long as I don’t get too involved in looking at other people’s posts. I don’t feel the need to update either site constantly, so I’ll do it just whenever I feel like it and have a little time.

I hate giving up on a popular book but I did that this week with Shatter Me. I just couldn’t get into it. It was all going well until Juliette left her cell and then I just did not care about what happened to her anymore.If you’ve read it, you know that’s early in the book. I have decided not to DNF it but to put it on a new shelf I created at Goodreads called “Maybe Later.” I’ll probably never go back to it, essentially making it a DNF without calling it that, but maybe I’ll change my mind someday. For now, I’m not going to waste my time. I have too many other books just waiting to be read.

Reviews: Countdown by Michelle Rowen, On a Whim by Robin Jones Gunn, and Real by Katy Evans

On Tuesday, I listed the top 10 books on my fall TBR. I chose all new releases because I never know when I’m going to get around to reading books from my TBR.

Books I Acquired: Free: The Forgotten by Saruuh Kelsey (download link or paperback waiting list signup here)

ARCs: The Missing Juliet by Sam Cameron and Picture Me by Lori Weber


I did not buy any books this week! (I will make up for it next week.)

Currently Reading: Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green


The Book Addict’s Guide posted a Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: How to Make Goodreads Work for You. Let’s be real here. My Goodreads account is a mess. On the day I started it, in 2007, I went through all of my bookshelves and added every book I owned at the time, over 1000 books. (It took more than one day, by the way.) I didn’t do much in the way of categorizing them. I didn’t even shelve them as read or TBR. This is an example of how NOT to use Goodreads, by the way. Take your time with it. You don’t to be sitting at your computer six years later wanting a nice, organized TBR but having no clue where to start. Sometimes I’m tempted to just delete everything and start over. But I can’t, because I don’t keep all of my books (which you not know if you looked at my account and saw that I now have over 1600 on there!) and I no longer have all of the ones I have actually read.

I work on it half-heartedly one in a while then give up. Maybe this will inspire me to tackle the project for real.

More Bloggiesta mini-challenges are here.


  1. I like Pinterest, my daughter and I go on and look at a bunch of different things, and I forward my stuff from the blog too. Enjoy your week.

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