Mini-Reviews aka Life’s Too Short To Read Bad Books*: August 2013

There won’t be many one star reviews on my blog because I don’t finish books I really don’t like. If I don’t finish a book, I don’t feel like I can write a full review on it. I don’t want to ignore those books completely, though, so I’ve decided to do a roundup at the end of each month (if there are any DNF books that month) and include them all in one post. In most cases, the book description will be probably be longer than my mini-review.

* The title of this feature is a joke and is not meant to offend anyone, least of all the authors. I didn’t like these books but there are many positive reviews for all of them on Goodreads.

August was a better month than July with only one DNF. I thought I was going to get by without any, but my last book for ARC August turned out to be a dud. Technically it wasn’t an ARC anyway, since it was published on July 16.

The greatest danger facing New Salem comes from inside its own walls.

For sixteen-year-old Ruth, life in New Salem is simple. Obey her parents, go to school, stay inside the walls, and never question the will of the Council. The Council governs New Salem and keeps its people safe, burning mysterious effigies to remind the villagers of the physical and spiritual dangers that seek to infiltrate New Salem’s walls.

When Ruth takes to exploring the woods at night, she makes a terrifying and exhilarating discovery: she and her friends Sarah and Elizabeth are witches. But it’s dangerous to be different in New Salem, and it isn’t long before rumors of witchcraft spread from the Council to the townspeople. After Elizabeth is imprisoned by the Council, it is up to Ruth and Sarah to fulfill their destiny. A coven of witches harbors great strength, and it is only with that strength that they will be able to save New Salem.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I read 36% of Witch Hunt before I decided to give up. Even now, I can’t figure out what went wrong. I love reading about witches and (old) Salem. This should have been the perfect book for me. The writing wasn’t bad, but the story just didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I didn’t feel connected to or interested in any of the characters, not even the main character Ruth. Overall it was a disappointing read.