Discussion: Fall TV

When I’m not reading, I’m usually watching TV. I love TV. The start of the new fall season is like Christmas to me. I spend a lot of time with the fall preview issue of TV Guide and various TV sites creating my new schedule.

Here’s what I’m going to be watching this year (new shows are highlighted in yellow):

Fall 2013 TV Schedule

I used to watch a lot more shows but I’ve lost quite a few to cancellation over the past few years and haven’t found as many good replacements. I’m really looking forward to Sleepy Hollow and to the return of Nashville.

You’ve been wondering who watches all of those reality shows, haven’t you? Yep, it’s me. I love reality TV. I don’t watch the dating shows (The Bachelor) and I got bored with the talent shows (American Idol, The Voice), but I like a lot of the others.

If you’re wondering why I’m watching The Vampire Diaries but not The Originals, it’s because I HATE HATE HATE every single one of the originals. They are the reason I’m struggling to finish up the last season of TVD. Nine episodes to go! (Also, my CW affiliate is weird. They run an hour late than normal, so The Vampire Diaries SHOULD be on before Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s not.)

What will you be watching? Is there anything new that you think I’m missing?


  1. I’m really waiting for Hannibal to come back on, and I am also excited for the 100. I actually like the Originals xD Elijah is my favorite. The pilot was WEIRD, though. So, so weird. As for TVD, I think it’s starting to go downhill but I still enjoy it.
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    • I started recording Hannibal when it first started but my DVR got full before I watched any of the episodes so I had to delete them to make room for other shows. I’m looking forward to a season of TVD without the originals to see if it improves, but it is aging and shows don’t usually hold their quality for their entire run.
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  2. The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Sister Wives is also on my list. I’m also a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy 😀

    I’m going to have to look up Sleepy Hollow, Hostages and Reign!
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    • I can’t believe someone else knows the Sister Wives! There’s a one hour episode on TONIGHT called My Five Wives about a guy who has two more wives than Kody. I read that if it does well, it could turn into a series.

      Sleepy Hollow starts tomorrow.
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  3. I’ll definitely watch TVD and am also planning to check Sleepy Hollow and the new American Horror Story out 🙂
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  4. Finally someone else who watches Cheer Perfection! I have to admit its one of my guilty pleasures that is just oh so good. I’m really looking forward to checking out Marvel’s Agent’s S.H.I.E.L.D, Reign (though it looks like it could be a disaster), Star-Crossed,Dracula and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. As you can see I love my teenagers in television as much as I love them in my books! Great post by the way! I so rarely get to talk to people about all of my favourite American TV shows because they’re rarely shown in Ireland!

    Live to Read, Love to Read

    • Oh yes, I love Cheer Perfection. I had a friend who was watching it but she gave it up because she didn’t like it. She said there was another cheerleading show that had been on that was better, but I never saw that one.

      I don’t like the movies based on comic book heroes, so I’m staying away from Marvel’s Agent’s S.H.I.E.L.D. I think it will do well though. I know a lot of people who are interested in it.
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