Waiting on Wednesday: Backward Glass by David Lomax


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Backward Glass by David Lomax
Publication date: October 8, 2013

Crack your head, knock you dead, then Prince Harming’s hunger’s fed.

It’s 1977, and Kenny Maxwell is dreading the move away from his friends. But then, behind the walls of his family’s new falling-apart Victorian home, he finds something incredible–a mummified baby and a note: “Help me make it not happen, Kenny. Help me stop him.”

Shortly afterwards, a beautiful girl named Luka shows up. She introduces Kenny to the backward glass, a mirror that allows them to travel through time. Meeting other “mirror kids” in the past and future is exciting, but there’s also danger. The urban legend of Prince Harming, who kidnaps and kills children, is true–and he’s hunting them. When Kenny gets stranded in the past, he must find the courage to answer a call for help, change the fate of a baby–and confront his own destiny.

This sounds like the perfect October read! I discovered this book when the author’s wife started following me on Twitter. I check out my new followers before deciding whether to follow them back and I ended up on this book’s Amazon page. I liked the sound of it so I added it to my TBR at Goodreads.



  1. Looks like a really cool book! I’ll have to add it to my never ending TBR:)

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  2. I stopped reading the summary after the year 1977 so I don’t see myself reading this one but I hope you enjoy reading it when it comes out.
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  3. This one sounds really interesting and intriguing. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. I’ve actually never heard of this book or author! That thought is scary O_o But ooo, 1977! I like books sent back in history! Although… is 1977 historical fiction? Well, it IS part of history, but I don’t know, I feel weird calling the 1970s historical fiction 😉

    Anyway! I hope you read and enjoy this book sometime soon 😀

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  5. I love time traveling book and this even has mystery and suspense going on. Will check this one out!

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  6. Sounds kinda creepy but good. I love the cover too! And I’m wondering about why it’s set in ’77 too? Should be interesting to find out…

    • I was thinking maybe they need to get away from today’s technology for storyline reasons, and maybe the author just likes that time period. Or, maybe that’s when he was born and thought it would be fun to set a book that year. Who knows? Maybe I should send him a tweet and ask.

  7. Awesome pick! Will add it to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my WoW 😉
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  8. Hi Jenna, (and others…)

    I got that tweet asking about my reasons for setting Backward Glass in 1977, and I responded on Twitter, but since so many people seem to be wondering, I thought maybe I should also respond here as well.

    By the way, thanks for mentioning the book. It’s my first, and I’m very nervous for it. It’s kind of like the day I sent my son off to kindergarten, hoping he’ll do well.

    My choice of 1977 is in part a very personal one. I loved that year. It was the year Star Wars came out, a movie experience which defined my generation in a way that Harry Potter defined my kids’ generations.

    But there were also practical reasons. In the seventies, when my protagonist Kenny Maxwell is a teenager, he finds the mummified body of a baby in the walls of a house he’s just moved into. This discovery in the novel (and the novel itself) were inspired by a similar horrific event in my hometown of Toronto a few years ago. When I read about that (http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2007/07/25/renovator_uncovers_mummified_infant.html) the first thing I thought about as a lover of time travel stories was “What if somebody could go back in time and try to save that baby?”). After that, the whole story just unspooled in my head. A mirror that could only go back ten years at a time and only chose one kid in every decade; a call for help across the years; a group of kids from every decade with mysterious connections between them.

    I’m not sure when I chose the year — though in a sense the choice doesn’t make much difference, because Kenny spends the biggest part of the book bouncing between 1957, 1947 and 1917, with brief side-trips to several other years including 2017 and even further. One of my characters even gets to see people land on Mars. Anyhow, by the time I had made the choice, my own personal connection to the decade combined with the practical necessities of the story made it feel like it was set in stone. At the risk of sounding like a lunatic, the more I wrote it, the more it just seemed like it had happened that way, like it was real.

    Wow. Sorry to go on so long. It was just such a good question. Sure hope you all enjoy it.

  9. I love time travel books so I’ll definitely be reading this one. Great pick!
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  10. I love historical ones, though I guess it’s recent? Doesn’t bother me in anyway because I love the idea of time travelling through a mirror. Need to get me one of those.
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