Review: Running from Romeo by Diane Mannino (Blog Tour)

Title: Running From Romeo
Author: Diane Mannino
Release date: June 1st, 2013
Genre: New Adult
Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Emilia King is entering her senior year at Santa Barbara University. For the past three years, she lived in the library – doing what she knows best – focusing on her studies and forgetting her past…a past that has forever changed her life. But this year marks a new beginning…

Logan Prescott is not only the hottest guy on campus, he’s heir to a billionaire hotel fortune. Emilia knows he’s trouble and should stay clear of him. But his notorious good looks and piercing blue eyes make him simply irresistible – especially when he’s quoting her favorite literary works.

Intrigued by Emilia’s innocence and resistance to his charm, Logan discovers she’s a challenge he simply can’t resist. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but running from him may be impossible.

I received this book through Irresistible Reads in exchange for an honest review.

Running from Romeo was my first new adult book so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a very long book. I’m not sure how many pages it is, but my Kindle has it at 12767 “locations” and most YA books I read are 3000-5000. I feel like the reason for the length is that there’s a lot of filler, particularly Emilia’s and Logan’s dates (which got repetitive because they were all pretty much the same) and the many song lyrics. I’m used to song lyrics in fan fiction, but songfic generally isn’t very good (in my experience), so the inclusion of so many them — and they were full lyrics, not just snippets — isn’t a good thing for me. They’re good songs though: Snow Patrol, Neon Trees, Bruno Mars, and many others that I hear on the radio a lot. I think there’s only one song I was not familiar with.

Emilia is my favorite character, although she suffers from moments of immaturity (CONSTANT giggling). I relate to her because she’s a runner like me, and I like that she has a job, a best friend (Bryn), a full college schedule, and work at her college’s news television program. None of that suffers when she meets Logan. He doesn’t become her life, he’s a part of it. Most of the book is set on weekends, with only occasional mention of classes (and more frequent mentions of papers she has to write), so that Emilia has free time to spend with Logan, Bryn, and Bryn’s boyfriend. I wish there was a little more focus on Bryn and her friendship with Emilia rather than just the drinking that’s almost as constant as the giggling. I know they’re in college but there were times I worried about both girls’ livers.

I’m not as big a fan of Logan as I am of Emilia, though. Where Emilia struggles with immaturity, Logan struggles with being a jerk sometimes. He’s impatient when she deals with unwanted attention from other guys and he’s demanding when she doesn’t deal with it fast enough for him.

“He wants you, Emilia and I don’t like it. You need to tell him…if you don’t I will.” He says, forcefully. Then he clambers out of bed.

“I will.” I murmur as I rise beside him.

Logan gently grasps me around the small of my waist. He lets out a breath and stares down at me.

“I don’t want to keep having this conversation. I hope you understand?” Wow, he’s getting a bit carried away. I’m sure Tyler knows we’re together. This is getting silly.

Uh, yeah. Any guy who talks to me like that is going to get straightened out real quick. I do give him credit for having extreme patience when it comes to sex. Emilia’s a virgin, not sure she’s ready to change that status, and he never once pressures her.

The quoted section above also highlights a huge problem I had with this book: the editing. There are several your/you’re (and similar) errors, but my main issue is that every single line of dialogue ends with a period. There should be a lot more commas and a lot less periods in this book.

Even though I’m not 100% behind Logan/Emilia, I liked their many email exchanges. At first I wondered why they weren’t texting, but Emilia has an explanation for that when Bryn wonders the same thing: they have a lot to say to each other. Strangely, some of their emails seem very formal, not like the emails of two people falling in love. They need to loosen up a little bit and write to like they talk to each other. I didn’t notice formality when they were speaking face-to-face.

I found this book trailer on Diane Mannino’s website. The scenery at the beginning is gorgeous! Emilia and Logan are lucky to be going to school in a place that looks like that. I’m afraid I might never make it to class.

The book is a little slow, but it really picks up near the end when a twist is revealed. I think the sequel should have a faster pace and I’m looking forward to reading it. I expect it to cover the second half of Emilia’s senior year, which is an exciting and scary time for most college students.

About the Author:

DIANE MANNINO graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in English Literature. She is a former writer for Museum and Arts Washington and Star Magazine as well as several television shows, including, Inside Edition, American Journal, and E! News Daily. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Running from Romeo is her first novel and she is currently working on the sequel.


  1. I’m looking foward to the sequel as well..
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  2. This book sounds GOOD! Definitely sounds like something I would read… 🙂

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