ARC August Update #1

It’s a week into August now, so here’s my first update for ARC August hosted by Octavia. I’ll plan on doing these on Thursdays throughout the month.

I now have six ARCs on my list. This past week I posted an ARC review of a book I read in July and I read and reviewed another ARC. Both were 5 star reviews! I also included one (read in July) in my mini-review post of 1 star reviews.


I’m currently reading not just one but two ARCs!


I’m going to try to finish them both in the next week, but I’ll also be participating in the Radical Read-along of Hallowed that starts today so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to read these. The review for 4 to 16 Characters will be up soon after I finish it but the Running from Romeo review will be held until August 27 for a book tour. I actually just looked at the Goodreads page for Running from Romeo and apparently it’s not an ARC after all. It was published on June 1. Oops. I’m still going to count it because it is a deadline type of thing and not just some random book I picked up on my own.