Radical Read-along: Unearthly Day 3 Discussion

This is my discussion post for chapters 10-13 of Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. WARNING: There are spoilers for the first thirteen chapters, and only those chapters (because that’s all I’ve read!) in this post.

Wendy and Clara make up after spring break, but things aren’t going as well for Kay and Christian. They eventually break up.

Clara’s mom takes her, Angela, and Wendy to Idaho Falls to the nearest mall so that the girls can shop for prom shoes and accessories. Angela arrives early and Clara warns her not to talk to her mom about angels. She doesn’t want her mother to know about their angel research. Angela immediately starts asking questions, but Clara doesn’t mind as much after her mom reveals more information than she’s ever given Clara. When Tucker drops Wendy off, Clara tells him she’s not going to prom and gets the feeling that he’s going to ask her. He doesn’t, but suggests instead that she go alone.

Clara isn’t planning to go to the prom but she finds a dress first thing. After that, the group splits up. Clara and Angela are walking through the mall when Clara notices a man watching them and has an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Angela gets her back to her mother. They tell Wendy that Clara is sick and leave the mall quickly. Back home, Clara’s mom sends Jeffrey to the movies then explains to Angela and Clara that the man was a Black Wing. Clara felt his sorrow. She says angels don’t have free will the way angel-bloods do, and when they go against their design, it causes them pain. The best way to deal with a Black Wing is to get away. She sent Jeffrey out of the house for this explanation because if you’re even aware of the existence of Black Wings, you’re more likely to be discovered. Clara suspects the sadness in her vision is a Black Wing.

Clara ends up inviting Christian to Prom, and everything is going well until Kay shows up with her date. Clara has a strong vision of flying with Christian. Christian and Kay win Prom King and Queen, which leads to Kay crying. Meanwhile, Clara is dancing with Tucker. Christian tells Clara that Kay’s date left and that he’s going to take her home then come back for Clara. Tucker, who already has three dates, says he can take Clara home.

Clara is understandably mad at Christian and refuses to take his calls the next day. She decides that from now on, it’s all business. She’s going to fulfill her purpose, but there won’t be any hand-holding or anything personal. When Christian shows up at her house, she’s forced to talk to him. They agree to start over and (re)introduce themselves, then spend time talking and getting to know each other.

The school year ends. It seems like everyone’s leaving. Wendy has a veterinary internship in Montana, Christian has an internship in New York City, Angela’s spending the summer in Italy like she does every year, and even Clara’s mom is going back to California on business. Clara can’t figure out how Christian going away for the summer fits in with her visions.

The next night, Clara goes to Teton National Park and hikes to a spot on the mountain where the edge drops away and jumps. She flies for the first time.

I’m glad Wendy and Clara were able to work things out. I like Wendy as a normal friend for her. I wonder what’s going to happen with almost everyone Clara knows being away for the summer. I think the summer is either going to get skimmed over or she’s going to be spending a lot of time with Tucker.

I’m glad that Clara’s mom is finally starting to open up a little more about angel-bloods. Now that we know why she didn’t tell Clara about Black Wings before, it makes sense. Maybe there’s more information that’s like that too. And if Clara already knew everything, it would be weird for her to have to re-explain it all for the readers.

The scene at school when Kay starts flirting with the freshman and sophomore boys and ends up sitting in Jeffrey’s lap was one of my favorite scenes so far. My own jaw dropped right at the same time Clara narrated that everyone else’s did. I hope we see more of Jeffrey (and Kimber) in the future, even if it’s not until the next book.

I think Angela’s boyfriend in Italy is an angel or angel-blood. Maybe it’s that full angel she told Clara about. Maybe a Black Wing.

She’s completely starstruck by my mom. She stares at her all through breakfast. Which would have been okay — weird, but okay — except that after about two bites into pancakes she blurts out, “How high can an angel-blood fly? Do you think we could fly in space?”

Aw, so cute! And thanks, Angela, for asking some more of my questions for me.

“When you’re in glory, you’re connected with everything. You can feel the trees breathing. You could count the feathers on a bird’s wing. You know if it’s going to rain. You’re part of it, that force which binds all life.”

Today is the Team Wars Challenge. I have to say, I don’t really ship Clara with Christian or Tucker. I can’t pick a side because neither one of them deserves her.

Tucker: Someone — it’s either Wendy or her mom — tells Clara that Tucker keeps picking on her because he likes her. Meh. He’s too old for that. It’s cute (no, not really even then) when the boy is eight, but if he’s old enough to be driving? Grow up and talk to the girl. I never had any patience for that and Clara shouldn’t either.

Christian: He can’t get over Kay. He doesn’t want Clara, or maybe he does and just doesn’t want to admit it to himself. I can’t tell. Either way, she doesn’t need him. I’m also not sure if it’s ethical for Clara to be with the boy from her visions. It’s sort of a conflict of interest.

Go Clara! Find a nice boy, possibly an angel-blood. That way he won’t grow old and die while you remain some indeterminable age for however long.

(A little tip for you: Don’t Google any of these teams unless you want to be spoiled for future books.)

So what did you think?

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