Radical Read-along: Unearthly Day 1 Discussion

This is my discussion post for chapters 1-4 of Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. WARNING: There are spoilers for the first four chapters, and only those chapters (because that’s all I’ve read!) in this post.

Clara Gardner is a Quartarius, a quarter angel. When Clara was fourteen, her mom explained their heritage to her: Clara’s mom was born around 1890 to an angel father and a human mother.

Clara’s vision first comes to her in a dream: a teenage boy and the smell of smoke. Her mom explains that it will come in pieces, too much at once would overwhelm her. The important thing is Clara has received her purpose. Every angel-blood has a purpose. Now she just has to wait to figure out what it means.

As Clara has more visions, she discovers more information, eventually seeing a silver truck with a Wyoming license plate. Now that she knows where she has to be, Clara, her mom, and her younger brother move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. On the first day of school, Clara sees the silver truck in the parking lot. So she knows the boy from her visions must be there, but she doesn’t run into him until after third period. When their eyes meet, she has a vision of the forest fire roaring toward the two of them…and she faints.

She learns his name (Christian Prescott), and that he has a girlfriend. Christian introduces himself to her at lunch, and she also meets (and trades insults with) her new friend Wendy’s twin brother Tucker, who she had almost rear-ended in the parking lot when she first spotted Christian’s truck.

It’s been awhile since I read the book description for Unearthly, so all I really remembered was that it involved angels. Actually I was a little leery because of this. I’m not a big fan of angel books. I tend to avoid them, although I have read a few. But I kept hearing that this was good and I needed a Wyoming book for my 50 States Challenge, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I still put it off, though, until Krystianna was looking for a reading buddy.

I want to know more about the angel-bloods. Clara’s children will be only an eighth angel-blood. How diluted does the angel blood have to get before the line is basically just human with no special powers at all? Or does it not work that way? Do all angel-bloods come into their powers around the age of 16, or does it vary? Can a male angel-blood and a female angel-blood have children? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Right now I’m more interested in this kind of information than I am in Clara’s visions and Christian and her purpose.

Clara meets a lot of people on her first day: Wendy and her three friends, Christian and his girlfriend Kay, loner Angela Zerbino, Wendy’s twin brother Tucker. I’m wondering which of them will become important. Christian, obviously, but will there be a love triangle between Christian, Clara, and Tucker? I’m guessing Wendy is going to become Clara’s best friend, but what’s the story with Angela?

“Yes,” says Mom quietly. “In fact, the backyard would be perfect for practicing flying.”

Ha ha! I so want this book to become a movie JUST to see flying practice.

I look down. Gasp. Shining is not the word. My hair is an iridescent silvery-gold riot of light and color. It blazes. It catches the light like a mirror reflecting the sun. I slide my hand down the warm, luminous strands, and my heart, which seemed to beat so slowly a few moments before, begins to thump painfully fast.”

I want to see the iridescent silvery-gold hair too!

Here’s my cover remake. (My graphics skills are sadly lacking.) Original image by Barun Patro.

So what did you think?

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Don’t forget to read chapters 5-9 today and come back tomorrow for another discussion post!